WWE Network Shuts Down: NBC Peacock to Offer Live Streaming, Exclusive Content

From Thursday, 18 March, the WWE fans in the US will find a new home to watch the pay-per-view events and exclusive content. The company's streaming service WWE Network is moving to NBC's Peacock. The network will be completely shut down from 4 April.

WWE Network Moves to Peacock
NBC is new home for WWE Content. WWE Network Twitter Account

Shut Down only in US

It means the people will no longer be able to watch live events and content on WWE Network. However, the company's streaming service for the fans outside the US will continue to work like before.

NBC has struck a multi-year deal with WWE for reportedly $1 billion. The 17,000+ hours of content will be now available on Peacock. The forthcoming pay-per-view event Fastlane, which is scheduled to be held on 21 March, will be streamed on both Peacock and WWE Network. However, WrestleMania 37, which will be held on 10 and 11 April, will be exclusively streamed on Peacock for the US audience.

New Home at Lower Price

WWE Network has over 1.1 million US subscribers who pay $9.99 for monthly subscription. However, Peacock Premium is offering the subscription for $4.99 per month and $49.99 for a year. To attract more subscribers, it is now offering 50 percent discount for the eligible subscribers at $2.50 per month for the first four months. However, the offer ends on April 9, just before the WrestleMania night.

It is a great deal for the WWE fans as not only they could get the access for the content at cheaper rate but also they can watch hit movies and TV shows from Peacock's vast library. Further, the new customers will get seven-day free trial.

The existing customers of WWE Network will not be moved automatically to Peacock and they have to manually sign up on the new platform to watch the content. The existing customers are expected to receive an e-mail with the full details on when and how to migrate to Peacock. Netizens can find more details on WWE Site.