Riddle Takes Potshots at The Undertaker Again

Riddle has taken a dig at The Undertaker over his recent comments on current WWE wrestlers being soft compared to the past. He spoke about the backstage issues while comparing the situation to "high school" where people do not talk openly about the issues that they are facing.

The Undertaker and Riddle
The Undertaker and Riddle. WWE

What Phenom Said?
The Phenom, in an interview, had compared the wrestlers of the past and current to draw a conclusion that the current wrestling is "soft." He had claimed that the youngsters get offended quickly while urging them to get thicker skin.

Many wrestlers from the present and the past had commented about the issue. Riddle had stated recently that the present wrestlers are smarter and the talents of the past were "dumber" and failed to look after themselves well. "I think we're more intelligent. That's so we don't get hurt and don't put ourselves in stupid situations like bringing guns to work", he added.

Riddle's New Statement
Now, he has taken potshots at the Deadman again. In an interview with Metro.co.uk, he said, "Pro wrestling is the most outlandish high school you'll ever go to. Monday Night Raw is just like, 'what's gonna happen this week?' If anybody has a problem with anybody, nobody says it. It's always like, 'pst pst'. I'm like, why are we hearing stuff like this? Say something, do something! I'm not saying you have to go The Undertaker route and fight each other and be men about it! I'm saying let's talk about it. But hey, it is what it is!"

However, not all wrestlers have taken the "the Undertaker route" as stars like Edge and Christian have taken time to mingle with the current roster. Taking further dig at the Phenom, the 35-year old said that would rather spend time with the young talents than being a "real men."

Riddle recently won the United States title at the Elimination Chamber which was broadcast from the WWE ThunderDome, hosted at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.