WWE legend Rikishi's son Jimmy Usos acquitted of DUI charges

Jimmy Usos, one half of the tag-team consisting of Rikishi's two sons, has managed to emerge acquited from charges of being intoxicated while driving.

One half of the popular WWE tag-team 'The Usos' and son of Hall of Famer Rikishi, Jimmy Usos (real name Jonathan Fatu) has been found not guilty of driving under influence (DUI) charges by a court in Escambia County, Florida, USA.

It was back in July that Fatu was arrested by an officer called Jeremy Meeks when he spotted his car moving forward in a wayward motion. The officer ordered Jonathan to pull up and undergo a test for checking his blood alcohol level. The professional wrestler refused to undergo the test and therefore had to be arrested on charges of DUI.

Apart from the charge of DUI, the wrestler was also held responsible for speeding and handed a ticket. Apparently, he was coasting his vehicle at 86 mph while the zone in which he was had an upper speed limit of 45 mph.

Jimmy Uso
Jimmy Uso in court Twitter

When the case came to the court, the prosecution provided both the testimony of the police as well as video recording of Fatu's driving. The lawyer who represented the charged individual was able to present a convincing enough case for the jury to rule in his favour.

After the court proceedings, the lawyer of the man known as Jimmy Usos said in his statement: "A cop can arrest you, but they cannot convict you and that's why we took it to the next level and plead not guilty and set out for a case trial."

But this is not the only time this year that one half of The Usos tag-team has found himself in a brush with the law. Earlier in 2019, he was pulled up while driving in Detroit, MI and accused of disorderly conduct. His brother too has been on the wrong side of the law, getting charged with DUI in January of last year.

The Usos are going through a tough time as they have been off-air for some months. Meanwhile, the tag-team division is currently being led by teams such as The New Day and Viking Raiders.