Wuhan hospital staff caught in a video moving dead body at night?

A shocking new video clip has emerged on social media showing hospitals in Wuhan moving dead bodies out of Wuhan hospitals at midnight despite reporting zero deaths in the country.

On the day the lockdown restrictions are finally lifted in the city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, after supposedly reporting a slump in coronavirus cases in the city, a disturbing new video has emerged, suggesting that officials are trying to covering up the true extent of the outbreak.

Dead bodies moved out of hospitals at midnight

While the loosening of restrictions has been a relief for many in the city as a result of zero local infections, the video showing a dead body being moved out of a hospital in Wuhan under the cover of the night has led many to believe officials are trying to keep secret the actual number of infections and deaths due to COVID-19.

Human right activist Jennifer Zeng took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a video of what appears to be hospital staff moving a body bag out of a hospital in Wuhan late at night, as per her claims. "Somewhere in Wuhan, people moving body secretly as "zero new cases" has become a political task, and communities dare not break the "zero new cases" record, so they arrange to have the body moved at midnight," she captioned the clip.

'Zero deaths' in China reported

dead body
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The shocking video clip was reportedly taken on a day when health officials in China reported zero deaths across the country for the first time since it started publishing daily figures in January and if the video is any indication, people are still dying in China but the Xi Jinping-led government is not reporting them.

Obviously, there is a possibility that the deceased individual may have died from a disease other than coronavirus. However, if that theory is to be believed, it raises one very pertinent question - why is the staff wearing protective gear, particularly when Wuhan has been reporting zero local infections.

Backlash on social media

Netizens from around the world have responded to Zeng's post with anger over the Chinese government's alleged cover-up of the COVID-19 situation in the country. "It's so transparent that it baffles me how major news corporations can claim today "zero deaths in China" - "a glimmer of hope," wrote one user. "It's total BS."

"So the lies continue and the truth concealed in absolute desperation," commented another. "Remember these words ..DO NOT TRUST CHINA... seen this behaviour before ... saving face and hiding numbers is an Asian art form. China's 'zero' is fake and people live the lie through fear and threat.

[DISCLAIMER: IB Times SG could not independently verify the video or its details]

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