China reports no new deaths due to Coronavirus as residents in Wuhan can leave home from Wednesday

Majority of businesses started their production in Wuhan

China reported no new deaths on Tuesday for the first time since the country started publishing its daily deaths figures in January. National Health Commission reported a drop in the number of new cases to 32 on Monday from 39 on Sunday.

As all the new cases confirmed arrived from overseas, China is concerned that foreign arrivals could bring the second wave of virus infections in the country. The East Asian nation closed down its borders for foreign arrivals even for those having visas or residential permits. Authorities have allowed only one international flight a week including Chinese and foreign airlines that too should not be full more than 75 percent.

Residents in Wuhan will be allowed to leave their homes for the first time on Wednesday since the lockdown began in January. Those who have "green code" on their health app in smartphones will be allowed to leave the city. According to local reports, music enthusiasts are performing in parks of the city since the pandemic has started to decrease in Hubei province.

Music Enthusiast
A music enthusiast performs at Zhongshan park in Wuhan

Businesses in Wuhan started to resume the production

Majority of automobile and electronic product manufacturers in Wuhan have resumed their production. Hu Yabo, the executive vice-mayor of Wuhan, informed through news conference on Sunday that government has been supporting product manufacturers that are important to the world supply chain.

Many businesses are not able to reach their full productivity because of obstacles being faced in the transportation of workers, logistics and funding issues. "We've also been focusing on getting project with investment of over 100 million yuan ($14 million) back on track. By April 4, 1,006 those projects with a total investment of 2.4 trillion yuan in Wuhan have resumed operations," Hu said.

He also said that as more businesses and projects will resume, the authorities will pay more attention to ensure that virus does not start to spread again in workplaces. Mainland China has reported 82,697 infected cases and more than 3,300 people have died due to coronavirus so far. Meanwhile, the total number of fatalities reported from around the world has surpassed 74,000 as the number of infection cases have reached 1,348,148.

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