World's biggest conspiracy theory: Montauk Project experiments with mind blowing time travel

Time Travel
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In last week's episode of 'World's biggest conspiracy theory', we talked about the 1943 Philadelphia experiment in which the United States Government, with the help of scientists like Nikola Tesla and John von Neumann, conducted tests on time-travel and new wartime technologies. During the test, reportedly, a man named Alfred Bielek traveled through time and reached a confidential test site in 1983 on Montauk, Long Island.

Bielek revealed that experts at Montauk were also testing time travel at the classified site, and this secret project is allegedly called 'The Montauk Project'. Here's more about 'The Montauk Project' which has inspired the popular Netflix series 'Stranger Things'.

When memories get suppressed

human memory
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Our mind is a storehouse of mysteries, and even the slightest fluctuations will create negative impacts on our stability. For Alfred Bielek, the erased memory in his mind was first triggered when he watched the Hollywood movie 'The Philadelphia Experiment'. Alfred Bielek saw the movie in 1988, and it made him feel that he has seen those visuals somewhere before in his lifetime. As the eerie mood started gripping his mind, he underwent various new-age psychological therapies and finally uncovered his repressed memories.

His memories were of working in the Philadelphia Project in the 1940s, and later time traveling to Montauk. Bielek claimed that he worked in both the projects, but his memory of the first experiment was suppressed to assure confidentiality. He also revealed that his actual name was Edward Cameron, and he, along with his brother Duncan Cameron, was a part of the Philadelphia Experiment.

After a few years, during his speech at a Mutual UFO Network Conference, Bielek revealed that a wormhole helped the USS Elridge to disappear through the time channel during the Philadelphia Experiment. As per Bielek, he and Duncan jumped off the vessel during the course and reached the Montauk Project base in 1983. He claimed that the military officers working on the Montauk project sent him back to the 1940s again to complete a secret mission, which he did successfully.

In 1963, Alfred Bielek's father gave birth to another child, and the authorities transferred Duncan's conscience from 1983 to the newborn child. According to Edward, this new version of Duncan is a 'walk-in soul' who has immense psychic abilities.

The theory of psychic powers

human mind
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In the 1980s, a writer named Preston Nichols claimed that he had worked with the Montauk Project and conducted several experiments with Duncan Cameron, the brother of Alfred Bielek alias Edward Cameron. According to Preston, he has worked with Duncan and Edward on something called the Montauk Chair, a piece of furniture capable of triggering psychic power in the minds of humans.

Preston Nichols continued his experiments with Duncan, and in the meantime, the US government brought in several kids to conduct more experiments. According to Preston, these kids were abducted to implant subconscious commands on them.

On the other hand, Duncan Cameron, the supposed walk-in soul, was the major focus of many Montauk Chair experiments as he had some inherent psychic abilities. When those got amplified with the furniture, things went beyond one's imagination. In the course of time, Duncan started manifesting objects just by thinking about them while in the Montauk chair.

The legendary time travel

Time travel
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According to Nichols, after experimenting with Duncan, the time travel wormhole was successfully opened. He claimed that with this hole, they can travel to any dimensions of time. As per Nichols, this wormhole even helped them to travel to Mars.

At one point in time, in August 1983, Nichols and the scientists in the Montauk Project successfully created a wormhole which connected them to 1943. Nichols reveals that through this channel, Ed and Duncan of 1943 came from the past.

Nichols kept the 1943-Duncan away from the 1963-Duncan, and soon he realized that time travel is something which is very complex and dangerous and messing with it will fetch undesired results.

With the help of Duncan, Preston created a hairy monster from his subconscious mind, and it smashed everything in the experimental area. Many people saw this monster but each of them later described a different beast.

After successfully anchoring the time between 1943 and 1983, Nichols smashed and damaged all the equipment which triggered time travel and finally, the monster vanished into thin air. The project was soon shut down, and the memories of people who took part in the Montauk project was erased. In 1984, the authorities filled the underground base used for experiments with cement.

Time travel is very complex, and if it is a reality, it will be possible to see ourselves living in the past as well as in the future. Recently, a team of researchers at the US and Europe found the spatial fourth dimension which may help man to do time travel once again in the future.

So, that is all about Montauk Project, and next week, IBTimes Singapore will present you another big conspiracy theory, 'Project Blue Beam'. Stay tuned.

This article was first published on January 10, 2018