Scientists discover 4th dimension: Is time travel possible?

Time Travel
Time Travel to be reality Pixabay

The concept of time travel may soon be possible as two different teams of scientists from the United States and Europe have shown the existence of a fourth spatial dimension.

It was in 1905 that legendary physicist Albert Einstein first introduced the concept of the fourth dimension where we can move in time. Since then, the concept has perplexed scientists and with the discovery of the new fourth spatial dimension, the big dream of humans to travel through time is showing signals of materialization.

The recent quantum experiments conducted by researchers from Switzerland, USA, Germany, Italy, and Israel revealed that in addition to the conventional three-axis where an object can move up-down, left-right or forward-backward to an observer, there is a hidden fourth dimension where the objects can move in new directions of motion.

Can 4D make time travel possible?

Oded Zilberberg, the lead author of the study says that the theoretical concept of this experiment indicates that the existence of the fourth dimension where objects move in new directions will help us to move forward and backward in time.

Penn University's Mikael Rechtsman, a researcher at the US-based team, reveals that the research team managed to get a glimpse of the 4D spatial system even though it cannot be felt physically.

Both the teams in the United States and Europe conducted quantum hall experiments to discover the fourth dimension. As per experts, if the quantum Hall effect can be generated, it is a solid indication of the presence of the fourth dimension.

After cooling down the atoms to absolute zero, the researchers placed it in a 2D lattice with the help of lasers. Using more lasers, the researchers trapped the atoms and made them move. The movements of the atoms matched the Quantum Hall effect, which signaled that the fourth spatial dimension is a reality.

Researchers claim that these new experiments cannot be used in real life as of now, but the new finding will lead to significant progress in the world of physics. As the experiments are now in their nascent stages, more research will shed light on the way in which the fourth dimension works, which will finally result in the materialization of 'time travel', the biggest dream of humankind.

This article was first published on January 9, 2018