World's biggest conspiracy theory 'The Philadelphia Experiment': Is time travel a reality?

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It was not just the Nazis who conducted weird experiments during the World War II. The United States too had its alleged share of tests on new wartime technologies. The most prominent one among them being 'The Philadelphia Experiment', an attempt to make an entire ship invisible to the naked eye.

Even though the US Navy has denied conducting such an experiment, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that 'The Philadelphia Experiment' was a reality, and the Government has succeeded in teleporting objects using scientific means.

According to these theorists, time travel was made possible by the government, but it was the dreaded aftermath which compelled the authorities to discontinue further experiments.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the team of researchers headed by elite scientists successfully hid a US warship named The USS Eldridge for a very short period of time from the naked eye.

As the Philadelphia experiment became the hottest talking topic among conspiracy theorists, TV series like 'Stranger Things' have been inspired by this concept. So, what is the reality behind this controversial experiment? Let's check out.

The Mysteries surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment

Even though speculations regarding the Philadelphia Experiment were ruling the minds of conspiracy theorists since 1950, many people considered it a hoax as there were no substantial pieces of evidence regarding the project.

But in 1990, Alfred Bielek, a self-proclaimed former crew-member of USS Eldridge revealed that Philadelphia Experiment was a reality. His claims were ridiculed by the US Government, but the historical accuracy and intriguing narrative by Bielek made people believe that his claims are true to the core.

If the words of Bielek are true, the Government was conducting a clandestine undercover operation during the World War II era, and the aftermath of this experiment was undoubtedly mindblowing.

Nikola Tesla
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According to Alfred Bielek, during the 1930s, the US army was busy developing a new technology based on electromagnetism to develop an invisibility cloak for their warships. In the initial phases of research, world-famous scientists including Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were part of the team.

During those times, Albery Einstein was busy working on a program which aims to degauss ships by wrapping them in electromagnetic coils. Nikola Tesla, with the help of this technology, developed a cloaking technique and he tasted some initial success with a very small boat.

According to Alfred Bielek, Tesla soon stepped out from the project after continuous failure with larger ships. Some other people believe that Tesla has backed out after realizing the hidden danger associated with this program. Later, the Government handed over the project to Dr. John von Neumann, a scientist who previously worked in the Manhattan project.

And finally, the team of John Von Neumann succeeded in their efforts and they were all set to conduct the experiment which has the potential to change all the conventional concepts associated with 'time'. On the first test, the researchers made destroyer escort USS Eldridge for a very short period of time. Later, the team decided to make the ship invisible with the crew on it.

According to reports, Nikola Tesla warned Neumann regarding the problems which may happen if the experiment was conducted with humans, but the US Navy was not ready to back out, and they asked Neumann to continue the program. The Navy even trained a group of crew members specifically for this project.

The second test was conducted in October 1943, and surprisingly, the ship disappeared for several hours. In the invisible moments, it traveled through time and then reappeared back. But the most interesting and horrific part was the state of humans on board the ship. Upon its return, the sailors were all in a very ill state, some of them violently ill and others engulfed in flames. Alfred Bielek also revealed that some of the sailors were molecularly bonded with the ship.

So, what happened to Alfred Bielek if he was one of the crew members in USS Eldridge? Bielek revealed that he along with his brother jumped off the ship during the time warp, and they remained in 1983 on Montauk, Long Island at another secretive government facility. Bielek also added that researchers at Montauk were also experimenting with time travel. According to him, we are all living in a five-dimensional reality, and time is the fourth and fifth dimension.

Was The Philadelphia project real?

Government authorities used to debunk the Philadelphia Experiment theory by pointing out the timeline inconsistencies. According to authorities, USS Eldridge was not commissioned until August 27, 1943 and it was in New York Port until September. The Government also revealed that the ship was on its first shakedown cruise in The Bahamas during the time of the alleged October experiment. But conspiracy theorists believe that the government is intentionally covering up the information surrounding the secret project.

Time Travel

The Philadelphia Project may be real or unreal, but it is pretty sure that the US Government has tried time travel during the era of second world war, Later, they allegedly tested similar time travel techniques in the 1980s, and it is called the Montauk project. More details about Montauk Project will be unveiled next week.