World's Biggest Conspiracy Theory: The Bluebeam Project aims to create a new world order

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In the last two episodes of 'World's biggest conspiracy theory', we discussed 'The Philadelphia Experiment' and 'The Montauk Project'. In this episode, we are explaining another popular conspiracy theory named 'Project Blue Beam', an alleged ongoing experiment which is being conducted by NASA to establish the new world order on the planet.

This theory was initially put forward by Serge Monast in 1994, where he claimed that NASA is attempting to implement a new age global religion in the world with the Antichrist as its head, using a technologically simulated second coming of Christ.

Now, let us learn more about this popular conspiracy theory put forward by Serge Monast putting NASA and United Nations as the puppets in the hands of New World Order.

What is Project Blue Beam?

The basic purpose of 'Project Blue Beam' is to establish a new age religion in the world. According to conspiracy theorists, without the Universal belief in a new age religion, the success of new world order will be impossible. According to Monast, NASA, the United States space agency and the United Nations have worked hand-in-glove to propagate the new age religion.

Conspiracy theorists divide this project into four steps. In the first step, the Government will fake earthquakes at precise locations all around the planet. The widespread occurrence of natural disasters will sow fears in the minds of the general public and pave the way for step two of the project.

Step two of this project marks the real beginning of Project Blue Beam. This step involves a gigantic space show where three-dimensional laser projections will be used to project holograms in the skies all around the globe. As per theorists, the projections will be made in the shape of particular deities which are dominant in particular regions. At the end of this gigantic cosmic show, all the projected gods will all merge into one sole entity, 'The Antichrist'.

Conspiracy theorists claim that UFO sightings above the skies are actually part of Project Blue Beam. As per these theorists, the sightings of UFO in the skies are actually tests conducted by elite forces in the world to check the efficiency of Project Blue Beam. Around a year back, the Internet was taken to storm as images of an advanced city appeared in Chinese skies. Proponents of Project Blue Beam strongly believe that this is a part of this secret experiment aimed to create a new world order.

Step three is the most complicated phase of the 'Blue Beam Project'. In this phase, using Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication, authorities will make people think that God is talking to them directly. As per conspiracy theorists, extremely low-frequency waves will be used to manipulate the thoughts of the general public. However, the feasibility of the successful completion of this phase still remains a dilemma.

In step four, people will start thinking that alien invasion will happen in all the major cities of the globe. Soon Christians will start thinking that rapture is going to happen soon, and at this juncture, their only way of escape is accepting the new world order.

Unsolved mysteries continue

Exclusive details about Project Blue Beam are very limited, as Serge Monast, the person who put forward this theory died within two years after introducing this concept. In 1995 and 1996, Monast was hunted down by legal authorities as he leaked messages which come under the network of prohibited information.

Monast claimed that he is being targeted by police working undercover, and due to fear, he homeschooled his children. Several stories also popped up during this time stating that Monast's daughter was kidnapped by the Canadian Government to dissuade him from investigating Project Blue Beam.

An unnamed journalist too helped Monast to proclaim the theories associated with Project Blue Beam, but unfortunately, both of them died of heart attack in 1996.

Believers of Project Blue Beam claim that Monast and the journalist were killed by the vicious hands of new world order with the help of psychotronic weapons. Supporters of Monast also added that the conspiracy theorist was very healthy. He was in his middle ages during his death which added up to the mystery quotient.

That is all about Project Blue Beam, and in the next episode, we will present you the conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, a terrorist act which shook the entire humanity.

This article was first published on January 15, 2018
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