Women Engage in Fist Fight on Ferry Ride Disney World Magic Kingdom, Video Goes Viral

A fight broke out between women on board a ferry at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. The fight took place during a ferry to the Orlando theme park on Saturday.

The video of the incident, which was initially shared on the Instagram by user Anna Chisam soon went viral on other social media platforms too.

ferry ride

Reason For the Fight Not Known

The 16-second video begins with a group of women charging each other as onlookers try to separate them amidst the chaos and lots of shouting.

Two women are seen engaging in argument before one of them flings her handbag toward the other. They too engage in the wild brawl before few other rush in to pacify them.

The video of the incident, which took place on Saturday, also shows a little girl covering her mouth with her hands in a shocked expression.

However, the exact reason leading to the tussle is still not clear. Comicbook reported that the ferries are used to shuttle between the Magic Kingdom parking area to the parks and takes around 10 minutes to complete the circuit.

Social Media Left Amused

Often called as the "the happiest place on Earth," the park and the fighting visitors were soon trolled on social media.

"Dear angry dickheads, your children must truly appreciate seeing you get into a fight at Walt Disney World. Ahhh, such memories they will cherish," tweeted a user.

"I thought #Disney was the happiest place on Earth??" wrote another.

Wtf going on at Disney today? Axe yielding weirdo & ferry fight ? Come on now guys, pull it together. Do I come to your job and steal props & fight your customers??? No," wrote another user.

"First a random guy in cameo and brings a hatchet towards Tom Sawyer Island and now a fight breaks out on the ferry boat towards the TTC and back. Are we sure Disney is having a off season?" read another tweet.

"Looks like blacks started a fight on the ferry at magic kingdom. It would have made national news if whites had started it," opined another user.