Woman Spectator Flashes Boobs at Crowd at Supercross Event Leading to Wild Brawl [WATCH]

The event was midway when a woman in the galleries stood up cheering the teams and then all of a sudden popped her boobs out of her black leather jacket and flashed at the crowd.

A woman spectator flashed her boobs at the crowd at a Supercross event this weekend, resulting in a wild brawl. While many enjoyed the surprise boob show, others felt disgusted and attacked the spectator who too got into a fist fight. However, the woman seemed to be unmoved and took pride in flashing her boobs to thousands of spectators.

Fist fights aren't uncommon at sporting events but this time it was completely a different reason for the wild brawl. Many spectators objected to the ugly display because there were children in the crowd but the woman didn't care, as he opened her lingerie in full view and took her boobs out of her jacket and flashed them.

In Full Display

The bizarre incident happened last Saturday, when Anaheim 1 Supercross was hosting an event at Angel Stadium. The event was midway when a woman in one of the galleries suddenly stood up cheering the teams and then all of a sudden took her lingerie off and popped her boobs out of her black leather jacket and flashed at the crowd.

As she flashed her boobs at the crowd, she held her beer glass in her mouth. The crowd was taken by surprise but the woman spectator was unmoved. Interestingly, it wasn't just a blink-and-a-miss thing. The woman kept her boobs out on display for several minutes as everyone watching the event turned their attention on her.

Woman flashing boobs
The woman seen flashing boobs at a Supercross event Twitter

She then kept shaking her body as if she didn't care. While some liked the surprise boob flash not everyone was happy. One woman seemed to be so pissed over the sight ... she left her seat a short time later and confronted the fan, complaining about the topless move.

The video of the incident ahs since gone viral, with millions of views.

In Poor Taste

The identity of the woman spectator is not known and it is also unclear if she was later removed from the stadium but her boob flash definitely left fans agitated, resulting in a fist fight.

Another woman spectator can be clearly heard in the video repeateadly saying, "There's children! There's children," but the lady in full display of her boobs hardly cares. Some agitated spectators even threw beer at her.

The flasher being confronted by another woman Twitter

The video begins with the woman flashing her bobs and them shaking her body in front of everyone but after that the video skips a little bit of time. The woman who lectured the flasher can also be seen tossed beer on her and then rushes back up the stairs for a ruckus.

A reddit user u/YesiAMhighrn shared their experience writing: "We were 20 rows down from this and didn't know what was happening. I have to say the supercross experience was especially trashy this year. I know we're in SoCal and I'm used to the bros and bro hoes but holy shit were they itching to be free after the last two years. I haven't been around that many people in a while and it seems the goons were out force."

It is not clear how the situation ended. According to TMZ, police said that they broke up two fights at the event that evening, but neither of them involved a complaint about a flasher. "We responded to two fight calls in the view level that resulted in ejections but neither mentioned anything about a woman flashing, and no arrests/citations were made in either incident," police said.