An Indian-origin woman in New York has been charged with attempted murder after she secretly gave birth to a baby boy in a bathroom and then threw the newborn out of the window in the alley, according to authorities. The shocking incident happened earlier this week and the woman was arrested and charged on Tuesday.

Luckily, the newborn survived despite the fall and was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. Police was informed after a few neighbors spotted the baby. The child sustained numerous injuries including brain bleeding, swelling of his brain, skull fracture and is being treated at the hospital, according to reports.

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Sabitha Dookram, 23, was also taken to the hospital before being arrested for observation as she too was profusely bleeding. According to police, the woman while being interviewed by investigators said, "I had a baby out of nowhere."

A resident of Queens in New York, Dookram revealed that she gave birth to the baby on Saturday while taking bath. Following the sudden birth of the baby boy, she panicked and threw the baby out of the window into an alley. Instead of informing anyone about the incident, Dookram cleaned the washroom, took a shower followed by a nap. The insensitive incident has left everyone shocked.

"I didn't know what to do, I'm sorry. I panicked and threw it out of the bathroom window. I did not check on the baby. I put my clothes in the laundry hamper in the bathroom, I showered and went to sleep,'' Dookram told investigators.

Dangerous Mindset

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Although Dookram claims to have panicked, investigators believe that she was well aware what she was doing. She said she cut the cord with a pair of scissors from the bathroom. Prosecutor claim that Dookram made "numerous contradictory statements" to cops to cover up her heinous crime. Neighbors discovered the baby after hearing him cry. The child who had sustained multiple injuries was then rushed to a nearby hospital. Neighbors also informed the police later.

The child sustained numerous injuries including brain bleeding, swelling of his brain, skull fracture. He was immediately put on a ventilator at the hospital and is still on life support in critical condition. According to the authorities, the baby boy was tossed at least 5 feet high from the window and was left "naked on the ground for several hours." Dookram has been charged with attempt to murder.