Woman Confronts LA Spa for Allowing Naked Man In Women's Area Because He Identified as Female [VIDEO]

The woman claims the man exposed his penis and testicles to young girls who were in the female-only section of the spa.

A video of a woman confronting the receptionist at a Los Angeles spa for allowing a man to enter a female-only section and expose his privates to young girls because he identified as a woman is being widely circulated on social media.

Instagram user @cubanaangel, who claims to have shot the video, posted the clip on the platform last week along with a caption noting that the incident took place at Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

"Wi Spa allows a man into women's wet spa section where all the women are naked, mothers with there [sic] young daughters and teens," she wrote. "The Wi Spa allowed the man access just because he calls himself a woman. This man was naked [exposing] his testicles and penis slinging left to right in front of young girls, teens, and grown women. What is our world coming to[?]"

'He is a Man'

Wi Spa
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

The video starts off with the woman's interaction with the Wi Spa employee. "It's OK for a man to go into the women's section, show his penis around the other women — young little girls, underage?" the woman asks the employee. "Wi Spa condones that — is that what you're saying?

When the employee makes a reference to the man's "sexual orientation," the woman replies, "What sexual orientation? I see a d*ck. It lets me know he's a man...he is not a female!"

She goes on to explain that there are young girls out there who were "highly offended" by what they witnessed and the spa staff "did nothing" and on the contrary "sided" with the trans individual. "So, Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are women, and they can go down there with their penis, and get into the women's section? Is that what you're saying?" the woman asks the employee in the video.

The employee then brings up the law. "What law?" the woman continued, before panning the camera to a woman beside her, who appears to be disgruntled over the incident and asks for a refund.

'As a Woman I Have a Right to Feel Comfortable'

A male customer then walks over to the woman and points out that maybe the man is a "transgender person" but the woman wasn't having any of it.

"There's no such thing as transgender!" the woman snaps back. "He has a d*ck, OK? He has a penis ... hanging out."

Wi Spa

"You're being a d*ck," the man responds, to which the woman retorts, "I'm a woman who knows how to stand up and speak up for my rights! As a woman I have a right to feel comfortable without a man exposing himself."

Another woman then points out that it would be the same as if woman entered the men's section naked and if someone didn't "like women" they would be offended as well. The man then apologizes for what the woman saw in the locker room and walks away as the woman continues to insult him.

"You're sorry? You should be, sweetie, and you're out of alignment," she told him, adding that "it must be hard not being a real man."

Another woman, presumably a spa employee, noted that the naked man the woman originally complained about could have been a "predator" and should not have been allowed in the female section before the video ends.

Watch the full video below: