'Witch's Court' actress Jung Ryeo Won helped develop characters of drama

Chief producer of 'Witch's Court' says Jung Ryeo-won inspired her fellow actors and brought a cheerful energy on set.

Jung Ryeo-won
Jung Ryeo-won. keyeast.co.kr

'Witch's Court,' ended successfully on November 28, with a very impressive 14.3 percent rating in all of South Korea, as per AGB Nielsen Korea. It had managed to beat competition from two new dramas, SBS's 'Oh, the Mysterious' and MBC's 'Two Cops' by remaining at the top spot in the rating game. Now it had been revealed that the KBS2TV drama owes its success to a good extent to lead actress Jung Ryeo-won.

As noted by website Soompi, on November 28, chief producer of 'Witch's Court' drama, Ji Byung-hyun sat down for an interview to talk about the success of the drama. It is here that he attributed the success of the drama partially to Jung Ryeo-won. He explained how she had specifically taken a deep interest in not just her character but that of other characters as well. She also helped improve the performance of her co-stars.

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"Jung Ryeo-won is an actress who brings her fellow actors' strengths to life, and brings a cheerful energy on set. For instance, she created the character of Chief Gu. Chief Gu is originally a very comic character, but Jung Ryeo-won really enjoyed the character's grumbling and nagging, and suggested, 'Let's continue with this.' When she worked with Yoon Hyun-min, she also picked out his character's strengths and suggested they highlight them," chief producer Ji Byung-hyun said.

It was recently revealed that Jung Ryeo-won had personally sought singer and actor Im Chang-jung for a cameo appearance, having worked with him this year on the Korean movie, 'Gate.' The actor agreed and made a special appearance in the final episode. This shows the level of involvement Jung Ryeo-won had on the sets of 'Witch's Court.'

Praising Ryeo-won further, chief producer Ji Byung-hyun said, "I think Jung Ryeo Won was able to find her own strengths through this drama. I believe she will have gained more confidence in herself and her acting. Ma Yi Deum was a good experience for her acting career. She's an actress worthy of the 'Actress of the Year' award." He also praised actor Yoon Hyun-min's sincerity and politeness and said the actor sought to inspire the production crew when they got tired.

This article was first published on November 29, 2017