2PM's Jun.K praises past girlfriends; reveals true story behind 'A Moving Day'

Park Jin-young praises Jun.K's talent and new solo album, "My 20s."

Jun.K "A Moving Day"
MV for "A Moving Day" by 2PM singer Jun.K. youtube.com/jypentertainment

2PM member Jun.K's latest solo album "My 20s" was released on November 27, including a music video version of his title track, "A Moving Day." The title of the song is interesting as it talks about both a past relationship as well as moving out of his home.

As noted by website Soompi, in an interview with TV Report, Jun.K was asked why there is so little information available on his love life or the lack of any dating reports. The singer-songwriter responded by saying, "I have been dating all this time. The girls I dated were very considerate of me. That is why I think there weren't any [dating reports]."

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He further praised his past girlfriends and added, "To be honest, because of my job, I couldn't see [my girlfriends] often. Despite that fact, they were understanding, so I was grateful. I was sorry I couldn't spend a lot of time with them." Jun.K also revealed, "One day, one of my friends said, 'You have a lot of songs about regret.'" One can obviously sense the sadness in his latest songs.

Jun.K also revealed the actual stories behind the inspirations of "A Moving Day," to CBS News, as noted by website Soompi. His album "My 20s" is all about the struggles he faced in his 20s; going through break-ups and other hardships in life; which most of us face. "A Moving Day" is about a former lover of the artiste. The song was reportedly inspired as the actor looked at the empty spaces of his house, the night before he moved out of it.

Recalling such memories, Jun.K said, "It felt weird to suddenly leave a house I lived in for five years. The spaces where the furniture used to be suddenly felt really awkward. The night before I moved out, I looked around the house and wrote about my [experience] living there. [Seeing the empty spaces where] the furniture used to be, it felt like how memories of a loved one disappear, so I thought about writing those kinds of lyrics."

Jun.K also revealed that he used to maintain a private diary of his thoughts in Cyworld, a popular Korean social media service. Revisiting this old account, he was able to retrieve those past thoughts and emotions he experienced, as a trainee. He eventually used such personal writings to help him compose the songs for his new album.

Also, it was Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment, who advised him to express his emotions about his past in a manner that feels comfortable to the public, musically. Park Jin-young recently showed support for Jun.K's new album in a post on Instagram, saying, "So much talent and he keeps on developing it. You can really feel his artistry in his concerts. Singing, rapping, playing instruments, ballads, dance, hiphop...his 30's will be greater."

As for his 20s, Jun.K also said that the best thing about that stage of his life was meeting with 2PM members. "A lot of things happened in my 20s. I was able to get create a family-like bond with the 2PM members and also went through the pain of my father suddenly passing away. I'm still in the process of growing, but I wanted to express my 20s at this point [in my life]," the singer said.

Now that he is leaving his 20s behind, the singer wants to adopt a different lifestyle for his 30s. "I was so busy in my 20s, [so] I want to live my 30s more flexible. I also want to take the time to think about how I can make music and perform on stage for a while," he said.

This article was first published on November 28, 2017