2PM's Jun.K talks about new solo album, upcoming military enlistment

Jun.K reveals 2PM will stay together even if members do not renew contract with JYP.

2PM Jun.K
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The new solo album "My 20," from singer Kim Min-jun, popularly known as Jun.K, the main vocalist of 2PM band, has been released. The singer-songwriter spoke about his album as well his eventual military enlistment. He also revealed that 2PM has made a promise to stick together, even if they don't renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment.

At 6 p.m. KST on November 27, Jun.K's second solo mini album "My 20s," containing five tracks, was released. The album features artistes Jeon Somi, Park Jimin and Double K, as noted by website Soompi.

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The name of the tracks, translated to English read, "I will be honest," "From November to February (Feat.Somie)," "Moving Day," "Why (Feat. Park Ji Min)" and "My 20s." Watch the beautiful music video for "Moving Day" below.

Jun.K revealed the plans of his mandatory military enlistment, saying. "I'm planning on enlisting sometime early next year or in the middle," adding that the other member of 2PM will also enlist gradually. 2PM's Taecyeon is already serving in the military, having enlisted this September. Jun.K went to meet him recently for a meal together. Taecyeon had a day off.

Jun.K posted a photo on November 25, on Instagram, of himself with Taecyeon at an eatery with the caption, "Our Taecyeon's first night away [from the military]!" Taecyeon, serving at the 9th Armed Forces Division in Gyeonggi Province, has been promoted to private and military instruction assistant. This promotion was a result of his excellent attitude during training, as per reports.

As for his new solo album "My 20s," Jun.K said, "I released a solo album in Korea last year and this is my second mini album release this year. Rather than being ambitious about my music, I wanted to have a conversation with the general public and release music that they could relate to. Nowadays, because most people stream music, I focused on creating music that people could just leave on and focus on the lyrics."

2PM members will regroup sometime around the year 2020, after each of their mandatory military enlistment and duties are completed. Jun.K also revealed a promise that 2PM members made amongst each other.

"We made a promise. That once all the members discharge, we are going to hold a 2PM concert and continue to promote as 2PM. We have a little time before a [contract] renewal, so nothing has been clearly decided. Even if there are one or two members that do not re-sign, we said we would continue to promote as 2PM, which is why I can confidently talk about 2PM's promotions," the 29-year-old singer and actor said.

This article was first published on November 27, 2017