Will Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won Get a Happy Ending in My Demon Episode 16? Song Kang Spills

Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won parted ways in My Demon episode 14 after the male protagonist realized that his presence could harm his lover. After her boyfriend disappeared, the female lead felt anxious and lonely. The followers of this fantasy romance drama are curious to know if their favorite onscreen couple will get their happy ending in episode 16. According to cast member Song Kang, the viewers can look forward to the finale because it is beautiful.

The actor opened up about the SBS drama while attending a press conference and said the viewers will naturally fall in love with the story because the ending is beautiful. A short clip of him explaining why the viewers should look forward to the finale is going viral online after the mini-series featured a heartbreaking cliffhanger last week.

The footage captured the attention of several K-drama fans who are looking forward to a happy ending for Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won. Although some social media users believe the mini-series will end well, few netizens think the show will not feature a reunion between the onscreen couple in the finale.

My Demon
My Demon still. Twitter/SBS

Fans' Speculations

When he said the ending is beautiful, I wondered if he meant that the end of each episode is lovely. But then, when I think back, only a few episodes have a beautiful ending. I hope what he said is about the last episode.

With both leads dealing with tragedy and adversity in every episode, they could have a happy one. Paradise is waiting for them.

It gives me hope. We are getting a happy ending. I was scared after watching the last episode.

I would write theories because it's going to be a beautiful ending. Kang was the one who told me about that bitter-sweet breakup. So yes, I'm going to trust this man again.

I think that we're going to attain that happy ending. #MyDemonEp16 titled A Heaven called us. I can already imagine Gu Won and Do Hee's reunion as humans.

Watch the Viral Video of Song Kang Below: