My Demon Heads to Final Week With Heartbreaking Cliffhanger; Netizens Wait for Happy Reunion

After watching the heartbreaking cliffhanger of My Demon episode 14, the followers of this fantasy romance drama wait for the happy reunion of their favorite onscreen couple. Do Do Hee and Jung Gu Won unexpectedly parted ways in the last episode. It took the viewers through an emotional rollercoaster of events.

With just an episode left for the finale, the mini-series answered several questions related to the past of Do Hee and Gu Won. The chapter revealed that the female lead's parents passed away ten years after her father signed a deal with the demon. Madam Joo Cheon Sook witnessed everything and felt guilty about the unfortunate event until her death.

Do Hee learned about her parent's demise from the church priest. When she learned the truth, it was difficult for her to face the demon. Still, she gathered courage and tried to hide her pain from him. However, it did not take long for Gu Won to know the truth. He felt guilty about it and decided to disappear.

Before disappearing from the life of Do Hee, Gu Won took her for a walk and asked her to save her life from hell. He then lighted the trees in the park, trying to make her happy. The followers of My Demon eagerly wait for episode 15 to watch a happy reunion between Do Do Hee and Jung Gu Won.

My Demon
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Netizens' Reactions

The last straw, if he wants to be the bad one, he could leave without leaving the lights on. How can we hate this demon with a human heart and emotions who is so down bad for his wife? I better see him coming back next Friday.

Gu Won was so excited to decorate the Christmas tree together. But he couldn't make it. So he put those Christmas-like lamps on the trees around. So he would not leave her alone in the dark.

I was sure Do Hee would be the one asking for a breakup, but she did not do it. Gu Won left her alone like that when he had almost no right to do it. Should I root for her to be strong alone? Women do not always need men?

I feel the deal between Gu Won and Do Hee's father is to save Do Hee's life. Based on the scene between Gu Won and Do Hee's father, the family got into an accident. If this is true, Gu Won saved her from the very start.

It is a separation era. Gu Won visited the place where he met Wol Sim. Do Hee is all alone. She misses him. But he is not there with her. Seok Min is stalking her. Gu Won, it is time for you to save Do Hee again.

Their fate repeats itself. So what if Noh Suk Min succeeds in killing Do Hee this time, and Gu Won uses his powers to bring Do Hee back to life, leading to his spontaneous combustion?

We must remember that we got our first passionate kiss in episode 8 after Do Hee and Gu Won almost broke up. Now, we finally got our real breakup scene. Imagine their reunion scene. It will be a happy ending.

#MyDemon is good with parallel scenes, but I would not accept it if Gu Won came to Do Hee next week in #MyDemonEp15 with lights behind him, shadows, and smokes. After giving us that ending for #MyDemonEp14, he better beg her to earn the place beside her.