Wi Spa Viral Video Staged? Spa Employees, LAPD Find No Evidence of Trans Person On Day Video Was Shot

Sources from Wi Spa and the LAPD said there was no evidence to support the claim that there was a trans individual at the LA-based spa on the day the alleged incident took place.

A viral video of a woman confronting employees at a Los Angeles spa for allowing a man to enter a female-only section and expose his privates to young girls because he identified as a woman sparked violent protests last week. Now, a report claims the incident may have been "staged."

Last month, Instagram user @cubanaangel, shared a video of her interaction with a staff member at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, accusing them of letting a disrobed transgender person into the women's section of the Korean spa, as previously reported.

Was the Viral Video Fake?

Wi Spa
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Instagram

According to the Los Angeles Blade, there is "increasing doubt" among law enforcement that there was a transgender person at the spa on the day the video was shot. Citing anonymous sources, the publication said the LAPD were unable to find any evidence to support the claim that there was a transgender person present on that day.

A source at the Spa has also told the publication that there is no record of any of its transgender clients on its appointments guest list on the day the alleged incident took place. Treatment at the Spa is via appointment only.

Cubaangel's Instagram Account Full of Christian Memes

The report also pointed out that the Instagram account that posted the video is titled "Christ is King" and flooded with Christian memes, which raises doubts about why the woman would go to a high-end spa that is well known for being LGBTQ-friendly.

Also, during the viral video, no transgender person is visible, and no other witnesses have come forward to confirm the allegations.

Video Sparked Violent Protests

A week after the video went viral, anti-trans activists organized protests outside the spa that later turned violent as they clashed with counter-protesters.

Video footage shows a man wearing an American flag bandana pulling a gun out of a backpack. When the person filming asks what he grabbed, the man replies: "Something to shoot you with."

Another video from the scene shows a man in a plaid shirt hitting a filmmaker in the back of the head with what appears to be a pipe.

Prior to the protest, a Los Angeles trans woman was falsely accused by anti-trans feminists of being the alleged transgender person in the video. She received multiple death threats and harassment, including a picture of a masked man brandishing an assault weapon threatening to shoot her.

Here's the viral video shared by @cubanaangel last month: