Why Is Willy Wonka Supporting BTS Dynamite on TikTok, Leaving ARMY in Shock?

Cosplayer Willy Wonka opened his TikTok account only in May 2020 and has amassed 3.6 million followers in a short time.

One of the tops stars of TikTok, Willy Wonka's crossover has shocked the ARMY as he endorsed the top South Korean K-pop band BTS on the music app. What is the hidden agenda behind Willy Wonka cosplayer known for his funny dance moves supporting BTS?

Known for his bizarre videos, Wonka never ceases to surprise netizens. His motto is you can love me or hate me but you can't neglect me. The online comments he receives and memes made on him are an example that people really cannot neglect him even if they hate him.

In his recent video, fans were shocked to see Willy Wonka, whose real name is Duke Depp, speak instead of dancing to the tune of AKON's songs. "Greetings... I'm Willy Wonka. And Kelly told me to remind everyone to check out BTS' all English single Dynamite coming out on August 21st, okay? And their entirely self-produced album, coming soon, yeah? They're going for that Billboard number one, aha," said Willy Wonka in his Twitter account.

BTS is currently the top K-pop boy band in South Korea. It is the first Korean band to perform at MTV Music Video Awards. Consisting of seven members, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jin, and RM, BTS is all set to perform their latest single Dynamite on August 21. The band is also gearing up for their concert Break The Silence in September.

But why is Willy Wonka supporting BTS all of a sudden? Many netizens claimed that he wants to steal the ARMY (BTS fans) to have a massive fan following. This might be partially true as the BTS Army has started following Willy Wonka on TikTok are can't stop praising him for supporting BTS.

Who is Willy Wonka?

Willy Wonka
Duke Depp who plays Willy Wonka on TikTok is winning the hearts of Korean Kpop band BTS fans Instagram

The TikTok star Willy Wonka currently has 3.6 million followers on the music app and goes by the account name Willywonkatiktok. His account and his acts are a tribute to Johnny Depp's portrayal of the character in the Tim Burton movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. His secondary TikTok account is named dukedepp.

Before becoming a TikTok star, Willy Wonka aka Duke Depp was working as a wedding photographer since 2016. The 19-year-old Depp launched his TikTok account only in May 2020 and has amassed millions of fan following in a short time.

Taking a cue from the reel Willy Wonka, he refers to his fanbase as Oompa Loompas and dear children. Depp was born in Utah, United States of America. His dog Willy Jr. is also seen frequently in his TikTok and Instagram posts. Currently, Depp is being referred to as Oppa (sweetheart) by the BTS fans.

This article was first published on August 11, 2020
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