Baskin-Robbins Launches 'BTS 7 Cake', Receives Backlash For Design, Exorbitant Price

Baskin-Robbins Korea released the much awaited "BTS 7 Cake" that has seven flavors. It costs $22 per piece.

The international ice cream brand Baskin-Robbins' most awaited "BTS 7 cake" is out. But the cake has not been received well by the fans as it is being termed simple, not up to the star value of BTS. The cake looks like number 7 and has seven different flavors. Fans are also complaining about the small size of the cake that is sold with an exorbitant price. Here are the details.

BTS 7 Cake
Baskin Robbins Korea has launched BTS 7 Cake along with BTS 7 signal lights. Instagram

The Baskin-Robbins latest "BTS 7 Cake" is designed as number seven, but the flavors are not extraordinary, which is disappointing, say fans. The cake is priced at 26,000 won ($22) and the size is also comparatively smaller than other cakes.

BTS 7 Signal Lights on Pre-order

Even though other cakes in Baskin-Robbins are also sold for $22 they are filling. It is said that the other cakes range between 1,112 and 1,360 mL whereas the BTS 7 Cake is just 713 mL in size. Thus fans, especially the BTS fans (called ARMY), have expressed their disappointment over the new cake.

Signal Light
Baskin Robbins has released BTS 7 Signal Lights as goodies along with the special cake. Instagram

Baskin-Robbins has given an offer for the early birders who order the BTS 7 cake. The company will give BTS Signal Light for limited customers who order the cake during pre-order timings. This is a light designed as number 7. The same product will be available during the regular sales in the coming days too, but will cost 3,900 won ($3).

Lines to pre-order the "BTS 7 Cake" were opened on July 21 and fans can avail the offer till July 23. The cakes will be available for regular sale and pick up from July 24.

Baskin-Robbins' Reason For High Price

Baskin-Robbins Korea has reacted to criticisms regarding the design and price of the cake. It stated that the cake is carefully designed in blocks and needs to be put together delicately.

"The BTS 7 Cake is a new product that features seven different ice cream blocks that were put together by hand. The manufacturing cost is higher than the regular products and it will be a limited product with only about 30,000 for sale," Baskin Robbins stated.

Earlier, Baskin-Robbins came under criticism for indirectly accusing fans of BTS for leaking a video of the advertisement before the release of the product. A video of BTS enjoying the Baskin-Robbins ice cream and cake was doing rounds in social media last week. This had led Baskin-Robbins Korea to issue a statement that it was contemplating legal action against those who had leaked the video.

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