Why is Malaysian Actress Tiz Zaqyah Being Flayed by BTS Fans?

Malaysian actress Tiz Zaqyah questioned if the BTS hit song Dynamite was for kids, enraging the 'Army'.

Malaysian actress Siti Zaqyah Abdul Razak, popularly known as Tiz Zaqyah, is being slammed by BTS fans. The massive numbers of hate messages have forced the actress to apologize to BTS fans who call themselves ARMY. Here is what enraged them.

Tiz Zaqyah, who is active on social media, posted a comment to a negative message on BTS. A twitter user, Effi Saharudin, had criticized the lyrics of the BTS's latest hit song Dynamite as childish. He also said that it looked like the lyrics of the song were written by a nine-year-old.

Tiz Zaqyah and BTS
Malaysian actress Tiz Zaqyah was slammed by BTS fans for criticizing BTS Dynamite lyrics. Instagram

BTS Dynamics Meant For Kids?

"It's meant for kids isn't it?" wrote the Nur Kasih actress Zaqyah replying to the same. This caught the eyes of BTS fans who decided to take the actress to task online. BTS ARMY got busy posting messages against the actress and said that she did not understand BTS music at all.

Many wrote that Zaqyah considers only love songs as mature music. They defended the Kpop band and said that BTS does not write lovey-dovey nonsense. They questioned if Malaysian music has ever spoken about loving one's self. Malaysian musicians write just love songs, the army wrote.

Another fan went on to explain the relevance of the BTS Dynamite lyrics. He said that the lyrics were written to cheer the fans up as they are coming to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and the new norm of the world.

Tiz Twitter
Actress Tiz Zaqyah's reply to a tweet criticizing BTS Dynamite lyrics. Twitter

From Defense to Apology

After hate messages started pouring in, 31-year-old Zaqyah took to social media again to defend herself. "It's made easy and catchy for children to understand. What is wrong with my statement? I mean they're not gonna write lyrics like Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water album right?" Tiz wrote.

"People need to learn and chill. Check your bitterness level, please. Even artistes like Katy Perry and Sia tailor their lyrics for all ages, from kids to adults," she explained. In addition she also justified her writing and questioned the BTS what was wrong with her saying that. "You guys are so rude. Wouldn't BTS be embarrassed if they knew how rude you are?" she wrote referring to the BTS Army.

Tiz Zaqyah
Actress Tiz Zaqyah took to Twitter to justify her comments on the BTS single Dynamite. Twitter

But even after this explanation the hate comments failed to die down. It was then that Zaqyah apologized to the BTS fans. "Dear BTS ARMY, I am truly sorry if the word 'kids' offended you. I never meant anything bad when I said 'meant for kids', because it's such an honorable thing to be recognized by millions of kids and youths around the world. It's a dream to many, even me," she wrote.

"Maybe I was just in the wrong conversation, and the rude responses made me so angry. But I know that not all of the ARMY is toxic. I have spoken to many of you and I am touched by your kind words, and I do have nothing against BTS," the actress added.

Currently the Dynamite single of BTS released on August 21 has garnered 223 million views on YouTube. It is currently the number 1 song on YouTube and has the record of reaching the fastest 100 million views on the platform.