BTS Drama Blue Sky: From Casting, Streaming to Secrecy Agreement, Here Is What We Know

The entire cast and crew of Blue Sky has been asked to sign the non-disclosure agreement to maintain secrecy about the drama.

The most anticipated Korean drama Blue Sky cast has already completed the script-reading, according to reports. But this is the drama that has been maintaining secrecy about every detail including the casting, streaming, and the subplot. The only information that is available for sure is that the drama is about the life, struggle, and success of the seven BTS members.

Here is what we know so far about the drama. The drama based on the life of currently the most successful K-pop idols, is being produced by Bighit Entertainment and Chorokbaem Media. The production work has begun but the cast and crew have been asked to maintain silence and keep every development a secret from the public eye.

The entire crew is said to have been asked to keep any information about Blue Sky as secret after actor Seo Ji Hoon had announced that he was a part of the drama and was playing a vital role. Since this news became public, the team is said to have made sure that there are no more leaks. Thus one will have to wait till the official announcement for confirmed news.

Cast and Crew Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement?

BTS Dynamite
Blue Sky Korean drama is based on the life of Kpop boy band BTS members. Instagram

According to Koreaboo, every member involved with the drama on BTS idols has been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they are accepted into the team. The report also claimed that anyone leaking information about the drama will end up paying a hefty fine.

Usually, the news of casting and streaming is given out by the representatives of the drama. But in terms of Blue Sky, even the news of script reading has not been confirmed by the team. But reports claim that even managers were not allowed inside the script-reading room. There are rumors that actors Seo Ji Hoon, Woo Hee Jin, and Kim Nam Hee are likely to play major roles in the drama but the news is not confirmed yet.

It is said that script is collected and delivered by errand boys usually, but in the Blue Sky team, a person has been assigned to do the job and script can pass through only that particular staff. The first monitor filming that is called as crank-in was scheduled to start in August. But according to the latest information, the filming has been postponed due to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

This article was first published on August 25, 2020
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