Why is Gong Minzy nervous about her solo debut? Read Here

At the showcase, Minzy spoke about her rapport with her former agency YG Entertainment, 2NE1, and solo album.

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Gong Minzy Solo Debut
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We have already reported the official release of Gong Minzy's much awaited solo debut. Today, the former 2Ne1 member released her first mini album and also the title music video for "NINANO," alongside rapper Flowsik. She also showcased her solo debut.

At the showcase, Minzy spoke about her rapport with her former agency YG Entertainment, 2NE1, and solo album. "After leaving YG and 2NE1, both of which were like my hometown, I was very nervous. I felt pressured to meet all of the expectations. Preparing my album was a good catalyst, as it was a new challenge for me and a new opportunity for me to grow," she was quoted by Soompi.

She further added, "After all, that is where I learned to sing and dance. It was a great help for many reasons. Because there was YG, there can be the artist Gong Minzy." When asked about her rapport with 2NE1 members, she said that they are still in touch with each and monitors each other's work regularly.

Minzy's music video is a jazzy pop number laced with elements of hip-hop, jazz, and melody. The album is a blend of various genres with six tracks. There is also a self-composed track, "Beautiful Lie," by Minzy herself and "Flashlight," featuring Jay Park.

Minzy also spoke about the pressure she faced while working on the solo debut. She further added that she was under pressure and nervous regarding the solo journey. Moreover, she added that her current agency Music Works treats her like a family which helps her contribute more working ideas.

Minzy made her debut as a part of 2NE1 alongside Bom, Dara, and CL. The girl-band has broken the record for the highest-charting K-pop album on the Billboard 200 with Crush. The band shot to fame with their 2009 debut single 'Fire' but became a household name worldwide after releasing their boastful girl power anthem 'I'm the Best'. However, Minzy, officially left the group in 2016 to pursue her solo career. Soon after, the rest of the group was disbanded with YG Entertainment renewing CL and Dara's contract as solo artists.

This article was first published on April 18, 2017