Park Bo-young
Park Bo-young in JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.' Woman Do Bong Soon

The recently ended JTBC "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actress Park Bo Young shared what she would do if she had superpowers like her character Bong Soon.

During the wrap-up interview of the show on April 17 Park Bo Young stated that if she had superpowers like Bong Soon she would lift up the Sewol Ferry because it deeply pains her.

The actress said, "Since my character Do Bong Soon is very light-hearted, I'm afraid that this may sound light-hearted also. But I am one of many citizens who were in pain after hearing news of the Sewol Ferry."

Bo Young continued, "I don't understand why people are hesitant to speak about the ferry incident. Sewol Ferry isn't a governmental issue. I saw a quote online that said, 'We cannot forget because it has not ended.' There actually are students that still haven't been able to go back to their families' arms. I don't think we should ever forget about the incident to support those beautiful students that were on Sewol Ferry."

Actress Park Bo Young also mentioned that the drama was filmed once near the site of the Sewol Ferry candlelight vigil.

"People's shouts were able to be heard during filming, but no one made a fuss about it," she explained.

She also added, "Everyone thought it was to be expected."

Lastly, the star said, "I believe every citizen feels the same way about the Sewol Ferry incident. My heart still aches every time I pass by Gwanghwamun."

In other news, the brand reputation rankings for the Korea drama actors are out and "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" stars Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik nabbed the top positions.