The Flash Spoilers: Leaked pictures suggest death of a major character

The leaked pictures from the sets of "The Flash" suggests the death of a major character

"The Flash" Season 3 which is on a hiatus will resume its run with Episode 19 titled "The Once and Future Flash" on April 25. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode and are eager to know how things will turn for Barry Allen who is to take an incredible journey to the future to find out Savitar's identity.

Meanwhile, Yibada reported that leaked pictures from the set of 'Flash' surfaced on the internet and it suggests that one of the major characters of the drama will die when the show returns.

According to Spoiler TV, in the upcoming episode it is expected that Barry would be travelling to 2024 to save Iris and the title for episode 19, "The Once and Future Flash" suggests that Barry will try to find out Savitar's true identity and it will certainly be a shock to him.

In fact, the latest promo video for "The Flash" Season 3 also teases that in the upcoming episode Barry is going to be shocked to find out who Savitar really is.

Moreover, one of the fan theories suggest that Savitar could be the Future Flash pointing out where Savitar tells Team Flash, "I am the future, Flash."

Though, the known story is Savitar has come from the future and Barry Allen defeats him and is trapped in the speed force, some fans believe him to be Barry Allen 20 years into the future.

Well, this could be one of the consequences and it makes sense of the message that Barry received from himself 40 years into the future.

The leaked pictures from the sets of "The Flash" suggests the death of a major character. The photos revealed by Just Jared Jr features an emotional funeral scene which is to come up in one of the future episodes. As the major characters of the show were present in the picture it is speculated that a major character must have died. However, Caitlin Snow was not present in the picture and therefore raises questions about her fate in the series, Yibada mentioned.

"The Flash" Season 3 episode 19 airs April 25 on The CW.