Why #FreeLiamNissan is trending on 'X'? Popular Parody Account Suspended by Elon Musk Without Providing Reason

Account is known to be critical of the tech billionaire

The suspension of Liam Nissan's Twitter account, known for its biting criticism of Elon Musk, has triggered widespread anger among its followers, who are directing their ire towards the platform's owner. If you're familiar with the satirical account Liam Nissan, which often posts humorous critiques of Musk, you might have noticed its sudden disappearance from Twitter.

Elon Musk

Reportedly suspended on Sunday (February 18), the account's deletion has prompted many users to call out Elon Musk over its removal. Attempts to access the account @theliamnissan now result in the message "This account doesn't exist." Despite Musk's frequent advocacy for free speech, he has been known to suspend accounts critical of him.

The ban of the Liam Nissan account, featuring a photoshopped image of 'The Deadpool' actor Liam Neeson as its profile picture, has led to a surge of support for the suspended user, with many sharing the hashtag #freeliamnissan in response. The exact reason for the account's suspension remains unclear, but it follows an online altercation involving the account and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Mistaking Nissan for the real Liam Neeson, Abbott criticized the account after it posted remarks critical of Republicans and their stance on building a border wall. Abbott's since-deleted post read, "Another Hollywood Actor thinking they know what's best for Texas. Listen here Liam, make like an actor, and learn your role, and leave dealing with the border to me."

The removal of the Liam Nissan parody account has sparked a significant reaction online, with many demanding its reinstatement. The hashtag #FreeLiamNissan quickly gained traction as supporters rallied behind the suspended user. One user emphasized the need to free Liam Nissan, stating, "The Vengeance of Liam Nissan will begin. But for those upset by this we need to #FreeLiamNissan. He does good work in chasing out the parasites that use this undead site to spread hatred and misery all over."

Another user commented on the account's deletion, remarking, "Looks like he finally banned Liam Nissan." A third person expressed disappointment over the account's removal, saying, "Liam Nissan finally jumped into my Replies yesterday...and he's gone. #FreeLiamNissan. Free Speech includes disagreement, Elon Musk. X should state suspension / ban reasons."

Addressing Musk directly, another user pleaded, "Dear @elonmusk, in the spirit of free speech that you want @X to be, I ask you to reinstate Liam Nissan's account, please."

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