Why did Park Shin Hye 'slap' Heechul on Super Junior show?

Park Shin Hye was recently in the Super Junior reality JTBC show. She taught Kim Heechul how people slap in the dramas

The Heirs, Pinnochio actress Park Shin Hye demonstrated a 'slap scene' with Kim Heechul in Super Junior show, making everyone burst into laughter. Park Shin Hye spoke her heart out, about her dream before becoming an actress, scenes shot during shooting of her debut drama Stairway to Heaven and more on Super Junior reality show of JTBC.

Shin Hye explained about a scene where Shin Hye's character had to be slapped four times by actress Lee Hwi Yang. But as it was her first drama, and the scene had to be shot from many angles, she was literally slapped 30 times!

Heechul asked how a slap scene is shot

Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye Twitter

Amazed by the revelation, Heechul asked how a slap scene is shot. To which Shin Hye first explained, in theory, saying the hand's movement should be in a diagonal position while the actor being slapped turns his head down simultaneously. With sound effect, it can make a perfect slap scene.

Not convinced, Shin Hye tries the same with Heechul, while another actor helps them get the perfect slapping sound. As Shin Hye and Heechul practised the slap scene, Heechul was asked to have a dramatic effect and it worked perfectly.

When Shin Hye was asked if getting slapped 30 times made her sad, she said that there was no time to be sad as she had to get ready for the next scene. But then she mentioned that the scene was also funny. Further speaking, Shin Hye said she wanted to be a police officer, before choosing the acting path. She explained that once her house was robbed and 80,000 Won worth money was stolen. All Shin Hye could think of was how many jellies and snacks she could have brought with that money!

The actress said that when she was in the sixth grade, her teachers who were fans of Lee Sung-Hwan had sent Shin Hye's bio for a music video. However she was not selected for the music video but got an offer to act as a child artiste in 2006. Her father was a taxi driver and an insurance agent. But for her acting career, her parents shifted to Seoul and sacrificed a lot for her.

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