Here is everything you need to know about upcoming K-drama 'Nobody Knows': Live streaming details

From story and cast to premiere date and live stream details, all you need to know about the upcoming K-drama Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows is an upcoming Korean drama (K-drama) scheduled to air on SBS next Monday, March 2, at 9.40 pm KST. It is a crime-thriller that revolves around the life of a young detective named Cha Young Jin. The mini-series stars Sky Castle actress Kim Seo Hyung, Special Labor Inspector actor Ryu Deok Hwan, actor Park Hoon of Haechi fame and child artist Ahn Ji Ho in lead roles.

The new K-drama will take the Monday-Tuesday timeslot of popular medical drama series Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim season 2. It will have 16 episodes of 70 minutes each and every episode will be divided into two parts. The story is written by screenwriter Kim Eun Hyang and the mini-series is directed by Lee Jung Heum.

Who are the cast members of this crime thriller?

The K-drama features Kim Seo Hyung as a detective named Cha Young Jin, Ahn Ji Ho as a little boy named Go Eun Ho, Rye Deok Hwan as Eun Ho's teacher Lee Seon Woo and Park Hoon as a mysterious person named Baek Sang Ho. The mini-series also features Vagabond actor Moon Sung Keun as Kwang In Beom and Chocolate star Min Jin Woong as Lee Jae Hong in supporting roles.

Other cast members of Nobody Knows are Kang Ye Won as Yoo Ja Young, Jun Suk Chan as Kim Byung Hee, Baek Soo Jang as Park Jin Soo, Park Chul Min as Han Geun Man, Kwon Hae Hyo as Jang Gi Ho, Jo Han Chul as Yoon Hee Seob, Yoon Jae Yong as Ha Min Sung, Jang Young Nam as Jeong So Yeon, Yoon Chan Young as Joo Dong Myung, Shin Jae Hwi as Oh Doo Seok, Seo Young Joo as Kim Tae Hyung and Kim Nak Kyun as a detective.

Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows is a new Korean drama. SBS

What is the story of this SBS drama?

As mentioned above, the mini-series revolves around the life of a detective who lost her close friend at a young age. Throughout her life, the detective blames herself for the incident as she thinks that ignoring her friend's call was the biggest mistake she made in her life. She becomes a detective with an ambition to solve the mysterious murder case of her friend. During her journey, she meets a young boy who becomes her close friend. She dedicates her life for him and his safety.

How to watch 'Nobody Knows' live online?

People in Korea can tune in to the broadcasting channel to watch the show or they can stream it through the official website for the channel. Meanwhile, Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world will have to watch the mini-series with English subtitles on various streaming sites.

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