Why did Apple remove Rewound app that turns your iPhone into an iPod?

Apple has removed the Rewound app from the App Store because it's worried that users might think it's an Apple-designed app

Rewound, the viral app that lets you turn your iPhone into an iPod completely with its classic click wheel design has been pulled from the App Store by Apple, the app's developer said in a blog post on Monday.

Rewound took you back to the iPod-era

The app, which arrived on Apple's marketplace last week, had already crossed 170,000 downloads before it was pulled. The concept behind the app was simple – it allowed users to download skins and transform their iPhone into an iPad Classic and enjoy some nostalgia playing music from their Apple Music library.

The app was an instant hit and among fans who used an iPod before the advent of the iPhone. Rewound became a viral sensation and started trending on app charts across the world but Apple wasn't a fan.

Why did Apple remove the app?

In an article on Medium, Rewound's developer explained that the American technology company had the app removed because it copied the iPod's design, charged a fee for Apple Music features, and could easily be mistaken for an Apple-designed app.

The developer disputed all of these charges, claiming that the app was specifically designed not to violate Apple's rights and the company pulled the app because it was "salty" about the app's growing popularity and the fact that users had started sharing/using clickwheel skins, which others could download and customize the look of their iPod.

"Rewound was specifically designed not to infringe on Apple's trademarks and we didn't," the app's developer, Louis Anslow, wrote. "Rewound could look many ways. Not until users started sharing/using click wheel skins did they ban the app."

Is the app dead?

Anslow said that there's no way for the iOS app to be updated without "breaking the app for all 170,000+ users," but he will try his best to bring back the app in some form. He has also set up a GoFundMe page seeking $50,000 to help him cover development costs for a web app and an Android app. Anslow also added that he will "try some tweaks" to get the app re-submitted on the App Store.

However, he points out it is "barely worth the time or effort to even try and humor them" as the developer believes Apple will continue to oppose the app. So for now, since the fate of Rewound hangs in the balance, it seems like you'll just have to wait patiently for your chance to relive the good old days of the iPod click wheel.

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