These 10 app categories are at risk of malicious malware; think twice before downloading

Be careful before downloading apps from your favorite categories as a new report showed that many apps may cause malware attacks and allow hackers to peep inside a divide easily

In the past few years, malware attacks via smartphone apps made the lives of the users quite difficult. Every now and then smartphone owners, mostly the android users receive alert reports regarding vulnerabilities. Recently security researchers released an eye-opening report on malicious malware in mobile phones.

The researchers at the US-based software company, Symantec have given a detail description in their recent report stating it that blocked an average of 10,573 malicious mobile apps per day in 2018. In addition, the smartphone case specialist urged to showcase the malicious malware effects by analyzing the threat report.

Device security and malicious malware


Researchers revealed that in 2019, 39.1 percent of apps found in the "Tools" category are vulnerable to malware attacks, while "Lifestyle" apps showed a threat of 14.9 percent, which means apps related to online shopping and dating apps may invite hackers to steal data from a device.

"Entertainment," "Social and Communication" and "Music and Audio" also pose a risk of malware attacks. The analysis of the report also revealed that apps related to "Education" and "Books and Reference" also increases the threat.

Social & Communication6.20%
Music & Audio4-30%
Brain & Puzzle games4.20%
Photo & Video4.20%
Arcade & Action Games4.10%
Books & Reference3.20%

Concerns about cybersecurity

android malware attacks
A 3D printed Android logo is seen in front of a displayed cyber code in this illustration taken 22 March 2016 Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Reuters

The experts at Case24 also found that most of the people from the US and UK seek answers for mobile phone hacking and internet security in Google. While "iPhone hacks" seem to be the most popular term in the US, with 14,800 monthly searches, "How to hack a phone" this term is quite popular in the UK.

Here it should be noted that recently 17 malware-infested apps were found in App Store, while the number is quite huge when it comes to Android as considering the present scenario Androids are believed to be the most vulnerable to malware attacks than iOS devices.

However, the new report also revealed that "How to hack someone's phone" this term has been generating 5400 average monthly searches in US and people from UK type this term in Google almost 880 times. Americans also seek the answer for "Android hack" over 2000 times a month on average and for the UK, the search number is 480.