Why are Blackpink Lisa's Fans Upset with YG Entertainment?

The fans of girl group Blackpink are not happy with YG Entertainment alleging that it is not giving a fair treatment to its member Lisa. They are venting out their anger against the agency on Twitter stating 'YG STOP SABOTAGING LISA'.

Blackpink Lisa
Blackpink Lisa. Instagram

People are listing out the instances of the company's negligence towards Lisa. The recent pictures of an ad angered them further due to poor picture quality. The fans allege that she is not being given proper dress to wear for shoot as they complain about the costume that she sported for the shoot of IQIYI's Youth With You 3, recently.

They blame YG Entertainment of not letting her perform offline and wonders why she was not included in group advertisments. In short, they claim that YG Entertainment is ignoring her and not promoting the 23-year old idol well.

The Fans' Messages
The fans now demand the agency to respect Lisa and treat her well. A user write, "Lisa deserves to be respected as the artist. You have absolutely no consideration how your actions affect Lisa and her relationship with these brands. Start treating Lisa correctly and actually put in effort for her. Treat Lisa Better. YG STOP SABOTAGING LISA @ygent_official. [sic]"

There are also netizens who claim that they would boycott anything related to Blackpink until YG Entertainment rectify its mistakes. Another user claims, "Lisa's China fans 57 & 58 will only focus to Lisa for now. Until YG makes rectifications, they will not conduct any purchasing group activities other than Lisa's. After all, you deserve no penny from lisa's fans @ygent_official YG STOP SABOTAGING LISA. [sic]"

A fan feels that the company might be ignoring her as she is not a Korean by birth. The person tweets, "Everytime there is new content abt lisa's job, we will always find "the lack" and it seems like sk team really doesn't give their best for lisa, Or they just don't care about her because she's not Korean?oh come on, this's too obvious ! @ygent_official YG STOP SABOTAGING LISA. [sic]"

Lisa, whose original name is Lalisa Manoban, is a rapper from Thailand. She was handpicked by YG Entertainment in 2010 as a trainee. In 2016, she made her debut as one of the four members in Blackpink. Thus she became the first the first non-ethnically Korean to debut under the agency. She can speak fluent Thai, English and Korean, along with basic Chinese and Japanese languages.