BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa's Dating Rumors: Why are They Hiding their Relationship?

Rumor mills had been working overtime in the last year spreading speculations around BTS Jungkook and Blackpink's Lisa's relationship. Every now and then, media outlets have speculated that they are "just more than friends."

BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa Dating
BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa Dating. Instagram

Although there has been no evidence to prove that they are in love, rumor mongers and a section of media have been speculating that Jungkook and Lisa are secretly dating. The stars are often spotted together which has given credence to their affair.

And the Valentine's Day week made tabloids and websites to speculate more about Jungkook and Lisa's relationship. However, their companies nor the rumored couple has not confirmed the speculations.

Are they Hiding their Relationship; Why?

According to the reports, the entertainment companies which the stars are working with have 'no public relationship' clause in their contracts which have apparently prevented Jungkook and Lisa from going public about their relationship. Not these stars alone, most of the South Korean entertainment companies have this clause in contracts since it wants the idols to have complete focus on their work.

Hence, the rumored couple is believed to have maintained that they are single. Even if there is truth in the speculations, Jungkook and Lisa cannot confess the truth until the companies give 'go-ahead' signal for them to open up about their relationship in public.

Unlike in the US where celebrities are more open about their personal lives, celebrities in South Korea are asked not to open up on their personal lives.

Professional Union

The K-pop fans have been wishing that the stars join hands for a song. However, the companies seem to be cautious about bringing them together since this could pave way for more such rumors about Jungkook and Lisa.

Earlier, the Blackpink members like Jennie and Rose had spoken about the difficulties of having a personal life outside their work. "Even on our days off, we're basically at the studio recording," Elle had quoted them as saying. "Life is work, and work is life."

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