Agency to Delete Jennie's Controversial Nurse Outfit Scene in BLACKPINK's 'Lovesick Girls' MV

After the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union expressed disappointment over the nurse outfit scene, YG Entertainment decided to delete it in BLACKPINK's 'Lovesick Girls' MV.

YG Entertainment has decided to delete Jennie's scenes wearing a nurse outfit in BACKPINK's latest album Lovesick Girls music video. The scene had hurt nurses who had described it as a sexualized object. The agency apologized to nurses who are putting their lives on line during COVID-19 situation, and promised to delete the scene from the music video.

"We have ultimately decided to delete all scenes involving the nurse outfit in BLACKPINK's 'Lovesick Girls' MV, and we plan on replacing the MV with the edited version as soon as possible," said YG Entertainment in its statement.

A scene in BLACKPINK's Lovesick Girls MV, with Jennie wearing nurse's outfit has come under heavy criticism. YouTube screengrab

The agency apologized to the nurses for causing them discomfort. "We deliver our sincerest feelings of respect toward all healthcare workers devoting themselves to the wellbeing of our nation," the agency added. The statement also said that it will deeply reflect on the heavy responsibility laid out before them.

Justification That Did Not Work

Initially when the issue became a topic of discussion after the release of MV Lovesick Girls on October 3, YG Entertainment tried to explain the scene and defend its video. It requested the audience to interpret the scene in accordance to the context.

The agency explained that Jennie appears in nurse's costume for the lyrics 'No doctor could help when I'm lovesick'. It said the track asks people why they look for love even after being hurt by it and suffering from it, and that the song also relayed a message of hope in the exploration of this idea of love.

"The scene intended no other purpose, and we feel concerned that this scene has fallen under exaggerated scrutiny," said YG Entertainment. It also asked audiences to view this MV as a genre of an independent art. "We would be grateful if audiences could understand that each scene visually portrays the lyrics of the music, with no further meanings behind it," it had said.

But the issue raked up a controversy online and representatives from the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union also expressed negative opinions regarding the nurse outfit. This put the agency at a tight spot and it at last decided to delete the controversial scene.

The Ganesha idol controversy

Earlier, too BACKPINK's record-breaking single How You Like That had caused a controversy. The single was criticized for insulting Hindu God Ganesha in the music video.

BLACKPINK member Lisa was seen wearing slippers and sitting on a higher platform than the idol of Ganesha. This issue was raised and #ApologizeYGEntertainment started trending on Twitter. Reacting to the same, the agency deleted the controversial scene and re-released the music video.