Who's Anastasia Nastya Ivleeva? The Russian Vlogger who Organized Controversial Adult Party in Moscow Apologizes

Russian Foreign Ministry, took a strong stance against the event at a public gathering, condemning those who participated

A recently held 'almost naked' party in Moscow that was attended by several well-known singers and artists in various states of undress, stirred controversy and caught attention of media as well.

Among the attendees was rapper Nikolai Vasilyev, also known as Vacio, who caught authorities' attention by appearing with nothing but a sock. Vasilyev has since been arrested, receiving a 15-day jail sentence and a fine of 200,000 roubles (£1,716) for allegedly promoting "non-traditional sexual relations."

The highly criticized party was organized by Russian blogger Anastasia 'Nastya' Ivleeva at the Mutabor nightclub in Moscow. The event, which took place on December 20 and 21, gained widespread attention after images surfaced on social media, showcasing several well-known singers flaunting their unconventional costumes, consisting mainly of underwear.

The controversy deepened when a video of President Vladimir Putin's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, listening to an explanation about the party's attendees went viral. News outlet Baza reported that Russian troops fighting in Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction after seeing footage and photographs from the event.

Putin reportedly expressed anger, prompting Peskov to request forgiveness from reporters for not publicly addressing the matter. He stated, "Let you and I be the only ones in the country who aren't discussing this topic."

anastasya Nastya

Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Foreign ministry Reports suggest that Russian troops in Ukraine were displeased with the images and videos circulating from the party. In response to the growing controversy, Ivleeva issued two public apology videos. In the second apology, released on Wednesday, she expressed regret for her actions, acknowledging the consequences she faced. Ivleeva hoped for a "second chance" despite the public backlash.

The aftermath went beyond mere legal consequences. Ivleeva may face a lawsuit seeking an unprecedented 1 billion rubles ($11 million) for moral damages. Furthermore, the ripple effects extended to other participants, such as pop star Anna Asti, whose planned New Year's event in Moscow was abruptly canceled.

The 'almost naked' party has become a focal point of discussions in Russia, highlighting tensions surrounding societal norms and political sensitivities. The incident adds another layer to the ongoing debates about freedom of expression and cultural values in the country.