Who is @Zvbear Zubear Abdi? The Man Behind Creating and Leaking Taylor Swift's Deepfake Images

Pop Icon's Fanbase tracks down the man who claimed " They Wont Find Me"

This week, people online were stunned by deepfake images made using AI that showed Taylor Swift in explicit situations. The day Pop-Diva's deepfake images appeared on social media, soon people became curious who is the face behind such unwanted act. It caused a huge uproar and showed how loyal Swift's fans, known as Swifties, are. It's a warning not to mess with them because they can make a big impact when they work together.

Zubear Abdi

X user @Zvbear, became the focus of attention after posting these wrong images. Even though there could be legal problems and Swift's fans were really angry, @Zvbear didn't seem worried. The user challenged the huge fan base stating, "I don't care how strong Swifties are, they won't find me."

Who is @Zvbear AKA Zubair Abdi?

As reported by 'ThisWasTV', the person using the handle Zvbear is a 27-year-old Somali national named Zubear Abdi who lives in Ontario, Canada. Abdi is known for sharing controversial content on websites like 4chan, 'X', and Reddit. Additionally, it's believed that he is a student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He is known to create and share deepfake images of celebrities using tools like DeepNude and DeepFaceLab. He had 83000 followers on X before he posted controversial images.

Abdi confessed to making and posting inappropriate AI-generated pictures of Taylor Swift on 25th January and also challanged online community that no one can find him. This caused a big negative reaction online, so he made his account private. Also, Zvbear lost a lot of followers because people didn't like what he did.

Swifties were Quick to Knab Abdi

@Zvbear's confidence didn't last long. The online community quickly figured out that @Zvbear was actually a 28-year-old named Zubear Abdi. In response, Swift's fans launched a fierce campaign to uncover Abdi's personal details, like where he lived and his phone number, making him feel exposed and unprotected.

Deepfakes of Taylor Swift

"I wish my name was Zubair Abdi," remarked one Swift fan alongside images of Abdi's residence and contact details, highlighting the severity of the backlash. As the situation escalated, concerns over potential legal repercussions mounted, with users speculating on Abdi's legal jeopardy in light of the White House's purported alarm over the fake imagery.

Faced with mounting pressure and the specter of legal consequences, Abdi ultimately relented, announcing plans to make his account private in a strategic retreat. "I gotta go private till this tsunami passes," he conceded, acknowledging the formidable force of Swifties. This retreat, as Abdi described it, marked a pivotal moment in the online battle, reminiscent of historic military maneuvers.

As the fallout from Abdi's actions continues to unfold, the repercussions remain uncertain. However, one thing is clear: the saga serves as a stark reminder of the power of online communities and the swift justice they can mete out in the face of wrongdoing.