Who is Zachary Price? North Carolina Cop Points Gun at 14-Year-Girl for Calling Her Father During a Traffic Stop

Zachary Price, a North Carolina police officer, was caught on video pointing a gun at a 14-year-old girl for calling her father in Mount Olive, North Carolina. The unfortunate incident happened after Price went on to arrest the girl's mother during a traffic stop.

Zachary Price
North Carolina police officer Zachary Price Twitter

Video Was Posted on TikTok

The video, which was originally posted by the girl's sister on her TikTok account, shows the Gastonia police officer arresting a woman as she repeatedly asks him to call the cops. The woman is heard asking the cop why she was being arrested despite showing her documents. "I fail to identify what is the stature of them," Price is heard responding as he continues to hold the woman's hands to her back.

The video was being recorded someone sitting inside the car. As the woman struggles to resist the arrest stating that she has told everything to the cop including her workplace, her daughter is seen making a call to someone.

At this point price points the gun at the girl and shouts, "Don't come up on me." The officer then tells the woman to put her hands behind her back, which she refuses saying, "No, because you are trying to detain me for nothing."

Social Media Reacts

Where Is The Buzz reported that in a post made on TikTok, Arianna Amaya wrote that North Carolina officer Z Price pulled over her mother in Mt.Olive. Stating that Price pulled over her mother, under the assumption that she did not have her seatbelt on, he asked for her identification.

"She did not have her ID on her. After she gave him her full name and date of birth, he continues to rip my mom out of her vehicle and failed to tell her why she was being detained. After I stepped out the vehicle to call my stepdad He then pulls his weapon out on me, and my younger sister did not have my mother in jail and he claims her to be an "illegal immigrant" and they also stated that my mother lied about her name being Anna. The officer failed to read her the Miranda rights he also did not have his body cam on and refused to bring a female officer to search her," read the post.

The video generated a lot of response from the social media users with many asking the removal of the cop. "Fuck whatever y'all talking about right here. Y'all need Trooper Zachary Price out of your ranks before he kills someone. If he hasn't already," read a tweet.

"Zachary price has no business being in law enforcement if reasonable questions about the nature of someone's detainment is enough for him to escalate to the point of using pain compliance techniques on a mother and point his gun at her children. No attempts at de-escalation were," read another.