Who is Zachary Alam? 'Helmet Boy' Who Broke the Window Ashli Babbit Tried to Climb Arrested

Zachary Alam, dubbed as the 'Helmet Boy' in the Capitol attack, has been arrested following a tip off from his family member. Alam was identified as the person who broke the window which Ashli Babbit tried to climb right before she was killed.

Alam, who was arrested on January 30, has been charged with assaulting a federal officer, obstructing law enforcement engaged in official duties incident to civil disorder, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Zachary Alam
Zachary Alam also termed as Helmet Boy on social media following the Capitol attack. Twitter

Alam Refused to Turn Himself in to Authorities

ABC 27 reported that Alam was arrested from Penn Amish Motel located in East Cocalico Township where he was staying since Tuesday. The rioter used cash to pay for his stay and the identification listed him as a resident of Virginia, reported the outlet.

According to the FBI, Alam told his family member that "he was sorry for what he had done at the US Capitol, but he was not going to turn himself into authorities because he did not want to go to jail."

In videos from Capitol attack, Alam is seen shouting profanities. "You faggot, baby toucher, paedophile," he said multiple times to law enforcement officials prior to entering the Capitol building.

The Independent reported that prosecutors from the US Attorney's Office claimed that Alam was seen "punching the glass panels of the doors immediately behind the officers, causing the glass to splinter" and later throwing his body against a law enforcement officer trying to guard a door.

Alam Broke the Window Which Babbit Tried to Climb

The complaint also mentions that the rioter shouted "F*** the blue" multiple times before kicking the glass panels of the House Speaker's Lobby door.

"Shortly thereafter, he took a black-colored helmet from an individual with a yellow 'Don't tread on me' flag, took off his fur-lined hat and red baseball hat, and violently struck the middle glass panel repeatedly with the helmet, further shattering the window," the complaint reads.

Ashli Babbit
Ashli Babbit Twitter

The charges also gave a detailed account of Babbit's death following a gunshot. Babbit, an Army veteran, was killed by a Capitol Police officer after she climbed through the broken window while trying to enter the House chamber.

The Newsweek reported that the video footage reviewed in court and a new affidavit from the FBI, stated that Babbitt was shot after Alam smashed a window.

"Babbitt was shot while attempting to climb through one of the shattered windows. After the shot, [Alam] backed away toward the stairwell next to the U.S. Capitol Police tactical unit," the complaint reads.