Who Won The VP Debate? CNN Says Harris Was Better Than Pence as 'I Am Speaking' Goes Viral

Various surveys conducted to ascertain who won the US Vice Presidential debate indicated that Democratic VP nominee and Kamala Harris might have had an edge over Vice President Mike Pence. Social media also hailed Harris for the 'I am speaking' remark she made after Pence tried to interrupt her during the debate.

Coming days after the highly charged US Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the Vice-Presidential debate was a stage to test the might of the VP aspirants.

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Kamala Harris and Mike Pence during the first vice presidential debate. Twitter

CNN Says Harris Won the Debate

In the CNN Instant Poll of the registered voters who watched the VP debate, 59 percent said Harris won, while 38 percent polled in Pence's favor. According to the outlet, the poll outcome post-debate closely matched the one conducted prior when 61 percent believed Harris will win while 36 percent favored Pence.

The outlet stated that its post-debate poll was conducted by SSRS through telephonic interview with 609 registered voters who watched the vice presidential debate.

The outlet even divided the voters on the basis of gender. While 69 percent of women favored Harris, 48 percent men had her back. As far as being qualified as the US Vice President, 65 percent of the voters favored Pence while 63 percent backed Harris.

In a survey conducted by Newsweek, Harris came out more truthful in the debate in comparison to Pence. The outlet stated that in an online poll conducted on their website, 60 percent respondents backed Harris as the most truthful candidate on the stage, while 31 percent backed Pence.

Harris also received a huge support to take over as the US President, if the need be. Boston Herald quoted the FPU-Herald poll which found that 45 percent of voters would like her to take over as the Commander-in-Chief as compared to Pence who received 40 percent votes.

However, an online poll conducted by TVline revealed that online voters believe Pence won the vice presidential debate with 58 percent votes in his favor.

'Mr Vice President, I am Speaking' - Becomes a Rage on Social Media

During the Presidential debate, Biden told Trump to shut up after his multiple attempts to disrupt the debate of democratic candidate. This time, Harris too reminded Pence more than once that she is speaking.

"Mr Vice President, I am Speaking," the Senator was heard telling the VP on multiple occasions as he interrupted in between. According to Vox, Pence interrupted Harris 16 times, while she just nine times.

However, her line was soon trending on the microblogging site with many terming it to be a perfect response to those trying to quieten female voice. "Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking" @KamalaHarris is every woman who has ever been talked over in her workplace," wrote a user.

"MR. VICE PRESIDENT I AM SPEAKING!" You will not interrupt a Black woman any day that ends in Y!" quipped another.

"Mr. Vice President, I am speaking"- @KamalaHarris.Can't begin to imagine what those words and seeing that courage must mean to so many women and young women in America," tweeted another user.

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