Who is the Woman Behind Ricin-Laced Letter to Trump? Conspiracy Theories About Canada's Role Float

Microblogging site Twitter is abuzz with conspiracy theories about a Trump assassination plot.

A Canadian woman suspected of sending the ricin-laced letter to the White House was arrested by the authorities while trying to enter the United States. The woman, whose identity wasn't revealed by the officials, was armed when she was arrested by the Customs and Border Protection agents.

As previously reported, a letter laced with ricin was sent to President Donald Trump at his White House address recently. Similar letters were also sent to a detention facility in Texas and a Sheriff's office in the same province. However, before it could reach the White House, the lethal letter was intercepted at the testing facility.

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The Suspect Was Carrying a Gun While Entering US

The suspect, whose name remains under wraps, was arrested as she was trying to enter the US from Canada through a border crossing in New York State.

Speaking to CNN, a Law enforcement official said that the woman was carrying a gun when she was arrested by the US authorities. The US prosecutors in Washington, DC, are expected to bring charges against her, reported the outlet.

It isn't the first time that Trump was targeted using the poisonous substance, which leads to death if inhaled. In 2018, a Navy veteran was arrested for sending mailings containing ricin to the US President and the then-Defence Secretary James Mattis, reported Sputnik.

It may be noted that prior to being delivered at the White House, all packages and mails are sorted and thoroughly screened at a secure offsite facility. The ricin-laced letter was intercepted at the final offsite processing facility where mail is screened before being sent to the White House mail room, reported Daily Mail.

To confirm the presence of the deadly substance, lab tests were conducted twice. Stating that they have launched a manhunt to trace the sender of the letter, FBI said on Saturday: "The F.B.I. and our U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Postal Inspection Service partners are investigating a suspicious letter received at a U.S. government mail facility. At this time, there is no known threat to public safety.'

Twitter Build Up on Conspiracy Theories About Trump Assassination Plot

Despite the officials remaining mum on the details pertaining to the arrested woman or her involvement in sending the poisonous letter to the US President, the microblogging site was abuzz with conspiracy theories suggesting Canada's role in Trump's assassination plot.

trump assassination plot

"It's not Trump's tenure that's dragging down CDN's views, it's the constant hate Trump msm here in Canada. Now an assassination attempt has been made on Trump & the deadly Ricin was sent to him from Canada. How shameful is that!!!" tweeted a user.

"Sad some of the postings re this story missing the point...Ricin a poison originated in Canada sent with intent to the White House obviously to do President Trump serious harm or murder him. Which is an assassination attempt ORIGINATED. WTF jokes about post office seriously?" wrote another user.

"The FBI has got the WOMAN who sent President Trump the letter with " ricin" in it as an attempt in an assassination plot! They got her at the Canada Border!! Letter was evidently sent from Canada reports," mentioned a twitter user.