'Who Will Take Responsibility?' K-netizens React to Investigators' Plan to Drop G-Dragon's Drug Use Charges

The Drug Crime Investigation Unit of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency revealed their plans to drop drug use charges against BIGBANG member G-Dragon on Wednesday (December 13) due to lack of evidence. The police officers released an official statement explaining the reason for clearing the drug use allegations against the K-pop idol after a detailed examination, which resulted in a negative test.

"We plan to conclude the case with a finding of no suspicion against Mr. Kwon. The final decision will be made by the end of December," the police official shared.

Following the revelation, K-netizens flooded social media platforms with comments against the investigation team. The reactions ranged from "Who will take responsibility?" and "G-Dragon suffered so much" to "They need to make a public apology to G-Dragon".

BIGBANG member G-Dragon
BIGBANG member G-Dragon Instagram/G-Dragon

Netizens' Recations

Who will take responsibility?

They made a big fuss, and then no prosecution. G-Dragon must feel a sense of injustice. Even if he's a public figure, they shouldn't have taken it this far and should've been fair.

Companies like BMW probably regret taking down G-Dragon's advertisements.

They had no solid evidence and released it to the media. What's the reason for ruining a celebrity's image like this?

He should sue for defamation.

He suffered so much. Ultimately, the police had no evidence.

Why are they saying the end of December? Just drop it now.

They need to make a public apology to G-Dragon.

G-Dragon suffered so much.

BIGBANG member G-Dragon
BIGBANG member G-Dragon Instagram/G-Dragon

The BIGBANG member became a suspect of illegal drug use after a female manager, 29, from an established entertainment company shared some details about the K-pop idol's drug use. The police initiated an investigation in October and charged the rapper with violating the Narcotics Control Act without detention.

G-Dragon denied all the allegations. The National Forensic Service examined the initial rapid drug test, the hair analysis, and the detailed nail examination to test his drug use. He tested negative.

The investigative officers received criticisms from K-netizens for wrongly accusing the singer. However, the police officers revealed that it is a standard process to investigate a case based on a statement. It is their responsibility to prove the absence of suspension.

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