G-Dragon Criticized For Abandoning Dogs as His Photos With Cats Go Viral: Here is The Truth

The BIGBANG's G-Dragon's pet dogs were allegedly neglected and were almost abandoned, claimed netizens

BIGBANG's G-Dragon is facing an online backlash as photos of him with his adopted cats are making rounds. The adorable photos reminded netizens of G-Dragon's pet dogs who are said to be abandoned and neglected at the singer's family pension (guest house), Dolce Vita at Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea.

Dolce Vita Pension House is run by G-Dragon's family and the singer's two adopted Shar Pei dogs named Gaho and Jolie lived there. But netizens had complained, posting photographs of the dogs that the pets were being neglected and looked tired and lacked any energy.

Love for Cats And Dogs Only for Show?

G-Dragon with his cat
BIGBANG's G-Dragon poses with his cat. Instagram

G-Dragon had adopted dogs and a cat in 2017. Netizens have criticized that the singer uses pets to gain attention, to pose for photographs, and then does not care about them beyond that. They also alleged that G-Dragon adopted cats when he clearly doesn't have the responsibility to look after pets.

In an earlier interview, G-Dragon spoke about his cat and said that it was a people-friendly cat. "When I have a lot of work scheduled, I can't spend a lot of time with my cat. So when I do stay home, I try to take a lot of pictures. I try to entertain my cat and give a lot of hugs," G-Dragon said in an interview with ELLE Magazine.

But this love for cats has made netizens question if he has completely abandoned Gaho and Jolie. Netizens had claimed that Gaho's nails had overgrown and not maintained for quite a long time now. "Stop adopting pets for yourself. You should only have pets when you're ready to make the sacrifices for them. How depressing," said one netizen.

Clarification of Gaho's Condition

G-Dragon cat
G-Dragon posing with his cat. Instagram

But clearing the air, one netizen said that he had contacted the Dolce Vita pension house to seek information about Gaho and this is what he found out. The person who attended the phone explained that Gaho was in good condition and health.

He rubbished online criticisms and said that he was taking good care of the dog. Speaking about Gaho's nails, he said that when Gaho was taken to the veterinary doctor, it was told that cutting it can damage his nerves and advised them to leave it at that. The caretaker said that the nails were kept as it is due to his health condition and not because he was not attended to.

The caretaker said that Jolie had escaped from the pension house some time ago and efforts to search for her went in vain. Gaho is said to be friendly to people who visit him, but Jolie had kept a distance and did not like interacting with strangers.

When G-Dragon adopted the dogs, he literally took them everywhere. But as they grew, it was difficult to maintain them in the Seoul apartment and both Gaho and Jolie were sent to the family pension house Dolce Vita. G-Dragon had said that the pets can enjoy outdoors in their family house. The dogs also had become an attraction to VIPs who stayed in the pension house (guest house).

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