Who was Wayne Brown? Fire Service Chief Found Dead at Birmingham Home Amid Fake Degree Accusations

It was alleged that Brown 'lied' about his MBA degree from London South Bank University

In shocking turn of events Wayne Brown, the leader of West Midlands fire service, was found dead at his home in Birmingham . Brown was under investigation amid allegations that he 'lied' about holding a business masters degree from a London university. The authorities said his death isn't seen as suspicious, but it comes as they're looking into claims about his education on social media.

Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown found dead at his Birmingham residence

Greg Brackenridge, who's in charge of the West Midlands fire and rescue authority, shared his sadness over Brown's passing and offered condolences to his family. He stressed the importance of giving Brown's family privacy and support during this tough time.

Earlier, the fire service said they were looking into the claims made about Brown, promising to investigate them carefully and fairly. The central allegation revolves around Brown's purported MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from London South Bank University (LBSU), which was listed on his LinkedIn profile and the official fire service website until last weekend. However, references to this qualification were subsequently removed from both platforms. Separately, it was mentioned that Brown was part of a legal case where someone was accused of harassing him.

Brown had a long and successful career in firefighting, starting in east London before moving to the London fire brigade, where he worked his way up to assistant commissioner. He later joined West Midlands fire service as deputy chief fire officer and became chief fire officer in 2023.

Known for his hard work and leadership, Brown played a role in responding to major incidents like terrorist attacks in London and the Grenfell Tower fire. Besides his firefighting career, he also had a background in professional football and had coaching qualifications from UEFA.

Brown's sudden passing has left a gap in the firefighting community, and many have shared tributes honoring his memory.