Who Was Luanne Murta? Brazilian Fitness Influencer Shot Dead in Front of Her Son in Attempted Carjacking

The mother of two was transported to the Salgado Filho Municipal Hospital in Méier where she died from her wounds shortly after.

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Brazilian fitness influencer Luanne Murta Jardim dos Santos Martins has been shot dead in front of her family during a robbery that went bad, according to local media reports. Luanne, a mom of two, was 30 years old only. According to reports, she was shot dead in front of her horrified husband and son during an attempted carjacking.

Luanne, who has more than 35,000 Instagram followers, was with her family in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, when several suspects approached their car and opened fire at them. According to reports, a bullet went through her heart. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died after some time.

Killed In Front of Her Family

Luanne Murta
Luanne Murta Twitter

Luanne's death was confirmed by her family in a heartbreaking Instagram post. "Our dear star Luanne passed on to shine brighter," they wrote in Portuguese.

"Is in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ. On behalf of the whole family, we thank you for all the messages of affection we are receiving. And we know Lu is getting all this love too."

Luanne Murta
Luanne Murta Instagram

"The path of our little girl will not be marked by a tragedy, she was a light wherever she went. We will continue to honor your name and your life," the devastated family added.

According to Jam Press, the incident happened on May 21st while Luanne, her husband, and their little son were out in Rio de Janeiro. Their family outing took a terrible turn after three suspects approached their car and opened fire.

Luanne Murta
Luanne Murta Instagram

One bullet struck her in the shoulder and entered her heart.

Police have been investigating the shooting as a potential robbery attempt.

The reports state that the suspects opened fire on the vehicle's rear before approaching it and shooting at it from a distance.

Tragic Death

The mother of two was transported to the Salgado Filho Municipal Hospital in Méier where she died from her wounds shortly after.

Atanael Jardim, the victim's father, claimed that the shooting was part of a targeted attack even though the incident is being investigated as an attempted robbery. He claims that his daughter was being followed before the shooting.

"This was not just a theft, a robbery. It was homicide," he told local news. "No one shoots at another car with the windows closed."

Meanwhile, according to reports, the suspects—who have not yet been identified—first fired shots at the car's rear before turning around and firing once again.

Thankfully, Luanne's son and her husband Joo Pedro Farche, who were in the car at the time, emerged from the tragedy largely unscathed besides the boy suffering minor injuries.

Luanne Murta
Luanne Murta Instagram

"I'm fine, Miguelzinho (their son) is also fine," he wrote in an update to her Instagram page. "Miguelzinho hurt his face. Some pieces of shrapnel went in his face, but he's okay."

He added, "I was in the back seat. But that's it. As soon as I have more information, I'll write it here."

The self-proclaimed "ex-obese" fit-fluencer was a fixture in the online health community before she died. She often provided exercise and weight loss advice to her over 350,000 Instagram followers.

Martins' fans were heartbroken at her death. "So sad. It's hard to believe. Rest in peace," wrote one crestfallen Instagram supporter, while another gushed, "May God receive you with open arms, friend."

An investigation is ongoing.