Who was Landy Párraga Goyburo ? Ecuadorean Beauty Queen Linked to Gangster Fatally Shot at Broad Day Light, Check Video

Párraga was popular on social media and also owned a sportwear brand

The chilling moment of a former beauty queen being fatally shot in broad daylight unfolded yesterday, sending shockwaves through the community. Landy Párraga Goyburo, a former Miss Ecuador contestant, fell victim to a hail of bullets unleashed by assassins captured on shocking CCTV footage.

Landy Parraga

The distressing scene depicts two gunmen storming into an eatery where Párraga was engaged in conversation. In the footage, she stands beside a man, unaware of the impending danger. As one assailant charges toward them, Párraga instinctively drops to the floor while the man seeks cover. Without hesitation, the masked attacker opens fire, targeting both Párraga and the man. He callously continues to shoot at point-blank range as Párraga lies defenseless on the floor.

Following the ruthless attack, the assailants swiftly flee the scene, leaving Párraga motionless in a pool of blood. Law enforcement authorities are now actively investigating the murder, striving to apprehend the perpetrators.

Landy Parraga

Reports suggest a possible motive behind the brutal assassination, as Párraga had been linked to a notorious gang boss. Shocking revelations emerged from security footage, indicating that the gunmen targeted Párraga after spotting her inside the restaurant. The calculated attack unfolds as one gunman advances towards her, while the other stands guard by the door. After executing their heinous act, both assailants make a swift escape.

Párraga, a prominent figure with a significant social media following and her own sportswear line, had previously made headlines due to her association with the gang boss. Despite being implicated in the criminal underworld, she had not faced prosecution and maintained silence regarding the matter.

In her final social media post, Párraga cryptically reflected on life's echoes, leaving behind a haunting message. As authorities continue to investigate the murder, the community remains gripped by fear and uncertainty, grappling with the loss of a former beauty queen in a tragic and senseless act of violence.