Who Was Kristina 'Kika' Dukic? Serbian YouTuber and Influencer Found Dead after Repeated Bullying on Instagram

Dukic had recently experienced terrible online bullying with trolls sending her hateful messages on her social media pages.

A Serbian YouTuber, who boasted over a million followers, has been found dead aged 21 after being subjected to years of bulling and trolling on social media. Kristina 'Kika' Dukic's body was recently discovered in the Serbian capital of Belgrade at the middle of the night. She is suspected of dying by suicide as investigators so far have not found any signs of foul play.

The Ministry of the Interior of Serbia has stated that the investigation is currently ongoing. Her death was first announced in a now-expired Story on her Instagram account. Dukic turned a YouTuber in her teens and was a popular influencer and her sudden demise has left her fans shocked.

Gone Too Soon

Kristina Dukic
Kristina Dukic Instagram

According to reports, Dukic's body was discovered around 11.40 pm on December 8 in her room. News of Ducik's shocking death was revealed by her mother, named locally as Natasa Djukic, who released a short statement on Instagram.

"This will be a hard time for us all and all we can do is keep her memory alive. We love you Kika and miss you more than words can explain," she wrote.

Investigators said that they believe it to be a suicide resulting from excessive online bullying and trolling. Even her mother hinted at a suicide angle in the Instagram story. "If you are having suicidal thoughts or suffering from depression please speak to someone you are not alone," she wrote.

According to reports, Dukic had recently experienced terrible online bullying with trolls sending her hateful messages on her social media pages. Unable to take it, which was going on for years now, she committed suicide.

Mira Vladisavljevic, a close associate of Dukic, told local media outlet Telegraf: "Terrible. A terrible thing happened last night. I appeal to all the media to carefully report on this case and on the girl who struggled with bullying for five years. Please understand."

Who Is to Be Blamed?

Days before her death, the influencer had expressed the trauma she has been going through due to the online bullying. Dukic who has over 700,000 followers on YouTube and Twitch, had said in a recent video that she felt like nothing she ever did was good enough for other people.

She also hinted at being subjected to constant bullying and said it was important to be happy and for her to do what she wanted in life. She also shared a spare of hate messages sent by online bullies that vilified her appearance and accused her of having plastic surgery.

One of her biggest bullies was Bogdan Ilic, aka Baka Prase, another influencer with more than a million followers on Instagram. Ilic went through Kristina's videos, and labeled her as fake according to local media outlet Republika.

The outlet reported that Dukic was the biggest target of Ilic and his over a million followers. Many of Ilic's fans would constantly send hate messages to Dukic with comments, with some telling her: "Kill yourself."

However, Ilic has claimed that he was becoming friends with Dukic in recent times and tried to disassociate himself from the situation.

He instead tried to come out clean of the situation. According to local media outlet Direktno, Ilic said: "I was among the first to find out about this event because her friends called me and told me that they would publicly support me with the truth about the whole event, but I refused because I do not want to be a victim."

He said that if people hate him because of this then this is "fine" with him. "I'm sorry about what happened. I'm sorry I didn't announce that we reconciled and became friends," he added.

Dukic, who had more than 724,000 subscribers on YouTube, was mostly known for content about "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and "League of Legends," according to Game Rant. She started streaming in 2015, focusing on the building block game "Minecraft," but also posted vlogs and skits on her YouTube channel.

She was also considered one of the best "CS:GO" players in her country according to Game Rant, and had reached the semi-pro level. She had recently returned to streaming on Twitch after a long break, which began at the end of 2020.

Dukic had more than 400,000 Instagram followers and shared photos of her working out at the gym, wearing a Halloween costume, and celebrating her birthday with chocolates and heart-shaped balloons.

Kristina's final post, shared on November 11, read: "She said, 'Where we goin'?' I said, 'The moon'."