Brent Lynch: Kentucky Sheriff Arrested by His Deputies after He Is Filmed Punching Teen Girl during Basketball Game [VIDEO]

Video of the incident shows a brawl breaking out on the court between players, when Lynch comes running in from his team's bench and punches a teenage girl in the face.

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A Kentucky sheriff was arrested by his own deputies after he was filmed punching a teenage girl in the face during a high school basketball game. Owsley County Sheriff Brent Lynch was arrested and charged with assault on Thursday after he broke into a brawl involving players at a Perry County high school girls basketball game last week.

Shocking video of the incident shows a brawl breaking out on the court between players, when Lynch comes running in from his team's bench on the far side. He was an assistant coach of one of the teams. He then comes in and strikes a female player amid the chaos.

Completely Unexpected

Lynch was the assistant coach of Owsley County Owls that was participating in a game against Perry Central Commodores last Friday. The match was going on when an altercation started between the players of the two teams. Footage shows the girls fighting over a ball on the court when other team mates get involved in the scuffle and punches eventually are thrown.

Lynch was sitting on the far side of the court and was next captured on footage running into the court. He then without interrupting the brawl straightaway swings his fist as one of the female player, who immediately collapses.

Brent Lynch comes charging in
Brent Lynch seen charging into the court in the video clip Twitter

However, he is immediately pulled off by other adults on the court although he resists and has to be held back. He is then forced out of the court although he continues to resists. The shocking alleged attack was described as "out of character" with Lynch, Owsley County Judge Cale Turner said given the kind of person he knows Lynch to be, reported.

Punished for His Impulsive Actions

Understandably, Lynch may have punched the teenager girl at the heat of the moment but he has been penalized for his actions. On Thursday, Lynch was arrested by his deputies and charged with fourth degree assault for striking a juvenile in the face. He was booked to Three Forks Regional Jail, according to the channel.

Brent Lynch
Brent Lynch Owsley County Sheriff's Office

According to TMZ, Lynch could face up to one year in jail plus a fine if he is convicted. The victim's name wasn't released and it is not known about her injury but if the video footage is to be believed it was a massive blow on her face as she collapses after that.

Brent Lynch punching the teen girl
Brent Lynch punching the teen girl Twitter

Perry County Schools superintendent Jonathan Jett said the teams were separated following the altercation and one player from each team was ejected by officials for being involved in the brawl.

Lynch has also reportedly been suspended from his basketball coaching position. However, it is unclear what his status is with the sheriff's office. The office declined comment to Lex18. It is likely that the Sheriff's office too will take disciplinary action against him.