Who Was Fyodor Evgenievich Solovyov? Russia Loses Its Artillery Regiment Commander in Donbas

Russia has lost its 38th colonel in the Ukraine war as Lieutenant Colonel Fyodor Evgenievich Solovyov was killed in Donbas.

Solovyov was buried in Chunaki village, Penza region. He was accorded with full military honors and a triple volley of guns. Solovyov was heading an artillery regiment of the 127 motorized rifle division.

Lieutenant Colonel Fyodor Evgenievich Solovyov
Lieutenant Colonel Fyodor Evgenievich Solovyov Twitter

Solovyov Died as a Brave Army Man

Russian state media claimed that Solovyov died as a brave army man in the Donetsk People's Republic.

But so far it's not revealed how he was killed. He has been posthumously awarded Russia's Order of Courage, according to the Daily Mail.

So far, Russia's nine generals and 38 colonels have been killed in the Ukraine invasion.

Meanwhile, reports have also suggested that US Defense Department has been involved in sharing Russia-related intelligence with Ukrainian forces and it has helped Kyiv in the killing of Russian colonels.

Russia Faces Massive Loses

Solovyov's death came as Russia lost its 37th colonel Eduard Dmitriev four days before. His death was revealed by Russian media when the colonel was being buried in the Kirov region.

Russia is facing a number of losses in the Ukraine war. Ukraine has released footage showing a drone destroying a Russian ship, which was delivering missiles to the captured Snake island. The landing ship was supplying a TOR anti-aircraft missile system on the island.

Russian tanks are being destroyed by Ukraine's drones and now they are being named as moving coffins among Russian soldiers.

Ukraine has claimed that it has killed over 25,000 Russian troops and destroyed more than 1000 tanks. They have also destroyed 199 planes and 156 helicopters.

Ukraine has also claimed that its Neptune missiles hit Russia's Admiral Makarov warship, part of the Black Sea fleet, near Snake island on Friday. Makarov, one of only three ships of its class,

is the most modern Russian ship being hit by Ukrainian missiles in this war. The Makarov was commissioned in 2017 and is believed to have a capacity of carrying nearly 200 crew members on board.