Russian Warship Admiral Makarov Hit By Neptune Missiles, Burning in Black Sea, Claims Ukraine

Another Russian warship became the target of a Ukrainian attack on Friday, a clear blow for Moscow following the sinking of the Moskva warship last month. Ukrainian missiles hit Russia's Admiral Makarov warship, part of the Black Sea fleet, according to reports. Makarov, one of only three ships of its class, is feared to be sunk in the coming hours which could be a big blow to Moscow.

It is believed to have been hit near Snake island in the Black Sea. Russia has also begun rescue operations with several aircraft and rescue boats.

Russia's Admiral Makarov warship
Russia's Admiral Makarov warship (File Photo) Twitter

Admiral Makarov Hit By Neptune Missiles

It's reported that the ship was hit by the Neptune missiles, which destroyed Russia's Moskva warship last month.

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko claimed on his Telegram channel that Neptune missiles struck the Russian warship. He revealed that the ship is severely damaged although it's not sunk as of now, according to The Mirror.

A number of Ukrainian officials have also confirmed that the Russian vessel was hit near the Sevastopol naval plant in Crimea, on the Black Sea.

Ukrainian military planes flying over the region have confirmed that the ship was hit by missiles. Satellite pictures have also shown that the Russian ship was burning.

It's the most modern Russian ship being hit by Ukrainian missiles in this war. The Makarov was commissioned in 2017 and is believed to have a capacity of carrying nearly 200 crew members on board.

A ship tracker showed that a rescue ship of Russia identified as SPK-46150 was en route to the location after late Thursday dispatch.

US Reconnaissance Drone Flew Over The Black Sea On Friday

Notably, a reconnaissance drone of the US Air Force flew over the location early on Friday, according to an aviation tracker.

So far, Ukrainian and Russian officials have not made any official responses to the incident.

Makarov is an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate and it is armed with 24 Buk medium-range surface-to-air missiles. The ship is also equipped with eight Kalibr cruise missiles all in vertical cells. Russia's modern naval asset is capable of attacking land targets.