Ukraine Says 11 Russian Snipers Captured in Kharkiv; Russian Troops in 'Panic, Deserting Battlefield'

Ukraine has captured more than 11 Russian snipers in Kharkiv in a major blow to the Kremlin. Ukraine Security Services have claimed that they captured snipers who were firing at their positions in Kharkiv.

Security services, while giving information about daily operations in Ukraine, told Hromadske International, "During such an operation in Kharkiv Oblast, 11 Russian snipers were captured who fired on Ukrainian positions."

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Russian Troops Are in The State of Panic

The security service also revealed that in total 140 enemy groups were eliminated and 4,000 collaborators exposed.

"The heroic resistance of Ukrainian defenders in the Kharkiv region demoralized the enemy," the security service claimed in a tweet.

They have also intercepted the telephonic conversations between the Russian troops and pointed out that Putin's forces are anxious and are regretting their invasion of Ukraine.

"The occupying forces are in a state of panic and regret that they came to Ukraine for the war. This is stated in the new telephone conversations of the invaders, who managed to intercept the SBU," the Ukraine security service said. It's also reported that nearly 50% platoon of the Russian troops has left Kherson.

Russian Troops Deserting Warzone

A Canadian Ukrainian volunteer, who is fighting for Kyiv with a group of four fighters, claimed that "half a platoon of Russian soldiers fled" from the battlefield near Kherson, according to Daily Express.

The volunteer also revealed that most of the Russian troops don't want to fight and are leaving the warzone. He stressed that "15 Russian servicemen deserted in the village of Rybalche in the west part of the Kherson region because they no longer wanted to fight and die."

It came as Ukraine has accused Russia of targeting civilians at the Mariupol steel factory and violating the ceasefire. Kyiv has also claimed that Russia conducted airstrikes on the plant, where hundreds of civilians have taken shelter.